Update 2.00 for SP Football Life 2023

football life update 2

Update 2.0 for SP Football Life 2023
version 2.00/exe 23.2

The new update is available, please read the release before updating.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

update summary:

- multilanguage support (18 languages are now pre-installed)
- audio enhancements (added more tracks, fixed volume control)
- database updates (added players, updated stats, updated squads, ...)
- graphics updates and fixes.
- updated sider addons and added new features (CL kitserver, new nets physics)
- added more updated kits (+100 teams)
- updated the gameplay (the previous version is still available in the new switcher)
- added classics in ML and BAL new feature (available in the new switcher)
- fixed all edit mode bugs, (old edit files will not work)
- added compatibility with intel +12th gen processors
- many other fixes and enhancements based on user feedback, thank you.

see details below:

update notes:
- this will update any version of football life 2023 to version 2.0.
- fixes from previous updates are included.
- previous ML/BAL saves can continue, but new is recommended for more subs on the bench.
- this will apply a new edit file (older edit file will not work)
- this will apply new game executables, don't allow the antivirus to delete the new files.
- this will apply new sider files, backup any customization.
- this will apply new gameplay, backup any customized dt18_all.
- this will update the FL switcher for more features.


1- extract and run (SPFL23_200.exe) as administrator and select the football life 2023 folder.
2- start the game from (FL_2023 start.exe) or the shortcut on the desktop


update 2.0 details:

- menu multilanguage support

18 languages are now pre-installed in football life, please note that the primary language we work on is English, we can manage a couple of other languages, for the rest of the languages we don't speak, we relied on friends and translators, please excuse any mistranslations.

select the preferred language from the game settings/Menu language as shown below:

change menu text language

- audio enhancements

reworked the BGM to fix the volume control, it is possible now to change the volume of the music or any other sound effects.
the tracklist is also updated, see the full list in our YouTube demo description here

volume control

- database updates 

the database is being updated constantly, every update comes with updates and addition to the database, like adding players and updating squads, and minor corrections in the youth structure and development.

the player's rating is updated and multiple corrections in their attributions have been made. 
the number of substitutions on the bench for most competitions is increased, but a new career is required for this option to be available.

added a new editable team in other American teams (Zamora FC), this team is similar to Zalgiris Vilnius in Europe and Ceres Negros in Asia, with fixes in the edit mode its possible now to fully edit these teams and export them in case of updates.

see the full team list here


- updated sider addons 

sider and sider addons are updated, applied some fixes, and added a new modified goal net physics, originally researched by Durandil67, the sider configuration file is updated, backup any needed files.

included the new kitserver with modified kits for 22 teams, when these teams participate in the UEFA champions league or Europa league, the kits will be slightly modified and the goalkeeper will have an alternative kit color, more teams will be added in future updates.

it is also possible to add, update or change the kit for any team using this kitserver, but a minimum editing knowledge is required, we will try to create a tutorial for this.

teams with special CL and EL kits:
Atletico Madrid
Manchester City
Manchester United
Real Madrid


FL switcher (Located in the game folder)

- updated the gameplay

applied enhancements to the gameplay, special thanks to Spoony Pizzas for his feedback
the previous gameplay is still available in the switcher as an alternative option.


- classic players in career mode

added a new feature in the switcher, it is now possible to have all the classic players available to buy in master league, note that the classic teams will no longer be available in other modes, 

after starting a new master league with classic players and saving it, users can switch this option back using the switcher, the classic players will still be available in the saved master league and will show in all other modes too.


- added more updated kits

in every update we include more updated kits, a big number of updated kits are now ready and included in this update.


- edit mode

fixed some errors reported in the edit mode, it is now possible to edit the shirt number of the players, fixed the export/import function, and other small fixes.

import kits in edit mode:
although this is still not available, there is a workaround to import png kits to the edited team:
start the game without the sider by running the new (FL_2023.exe), now it's possible to apply the png kits, apply them then save and restart the game from the main executable (FL_2023 start.exe)


- compatibility with intel 12th gen or newer

football life 2023 2.0 can now run normally on the new generation of processors without user intervention. 
read more about this issue here


- multiple other updates and fixes

following user reports, many smaller fixes are included (gray boot, swapped flag, kit numbers, Johan Cruijff Arena in rainy or cloudy weather, and other similar fixes...


Know issues:

argentine league:
a reported problem in this league due to adding more teams than the league schedule can handle, this causes the Argentinian league to finish before all the games have been played.
as a temporary solution, two teams are moved to other American teams, this will make the league work normally, we will restructure this league in future updates to accommodate more teams.

created players leave the team early:
in case of creating a player to add to a team for the master league, be sure to negotiate his contract before the transfer window closes.

disable 1st transfer window
this option is still not available, a minimum number of transfers will happen even if this option is selected, maybe in later versions.

we continue trying to make football life better with every update.
other frequently asked questions will be available in the FAQ section soon


this will update any version of football life 2023
Full FL23 links are available at the main release

update 2.00
compressed size: 1.2 GB

Antivirus false positive:
all the files on the smokepatch website are safe and free from viruses or malware, we use BAT scripts to install and run the game, antivirus programs usually mark all BAT-based files as dangerous, and we cannot afford to buy a digital certificate, as the price for that is insane, do not let the antivirus delete or block the installation.


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