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Update 3.00 for SP Football Life 2023

SPFL23 v3

Update 3.0 for SP Football Life 2023
version 3.00/exe 23.3

The new update is available, please read the release before updating.

For Help: read the FAQ section first.

update summary:

- update leagues (promotions/relegations)
- applied winter transfers (+4000 transfers)
- gameplay updates
- added more updated kits
- included better performance executable 
- other fixes and enhancements based on user feedback, thank you.

see details below:

update notes:

- this will update any version of football life 2023 to version 3.0, no need to install or remove previous updates as all previous fixes and updates are included.

- previous ML/BAL saves can continue, all modes started with any version of football life 2023 can continue after game updates.

- this will apply a new edit file (older edit file will not work), to keep edits and modifications made in edit mode, export the modified teams before updating, then import the edits after installing the update, see the tutorial

- this will apply updated game executables, don't allow the antivirus to delete the new files.

- this will replace (sider.ini). manually back up any modifications if needed.

- this will install the updated gameplay version. backup any customized dt18_all.


update 3.0 details:

Leagues updates
it is the new season for some leagues, so the teams are updated accordingly, new teams are added and relegated teams are removed (hidden)

Promoted Teams:
ABC FC (Brazil)
Mirassol FC (Brazil)
Botafogo FC (Brazil)
EC Vitoria (Brazil)
Magallanes CF (Chile)
Deportes Copiapó (Chile)
Boyacá Chicó FC (Colombia)
Yokohama FC (Japan)
Albirex Niigata (Japan)
Kunshan FC (China)
Nantong Zhiyun (China)
Qingdao Hainiu (China)
CD Atlético Huila (Colombia)
Club Atlético Belgrano (Argentina) *
Instituto AC Córdoba (Argentina) *
* teams placed in (other American teams) due to current limitations

applied winter transfers
the winter transfer window is now closed for most leagues, more than 4000 transfers across game teams have been performed in all leagues, adding around 700 newly signed players to the database.

more players will be added in further updates along with any missing transfers.

- updated the gameplay
new enhancements are included in the gameplay, thanks to Spoony Pizzas for his review and feedback, especially on manual controls.

main changes:
- enhanced passes (including FUMA)
- keepers will have a harder time blocking far shots 
- other enhancements and weeks

* manual controls in FL23 are fully manual (FUMA in PES21 is slightly assisted)
* the previous gameplay versions are still available in the switcher as an alternative option.
* the gameplay installed with this update is more refined than the pre-released BETA.
* FL23 difficulty levels are slightly harder than their equivalent PES21 difficulties

- added more updated kits
creating kits takes time, so kits are updated gradually in every update, we cannot create all the new kits for all teams all the time, this version contains new kits for 30 clubs and includes many minor kits enhancement following user feedback.

- new optimized executables
football life 2023 can run normally on all types of processors without user intervention. 
the latest version has performance enhancement and works on all types of CPUs.

* start the game from:
FL_2023 start.exe          --->  use for all GEN CPU
FL_2023 start 12G.exe  --->  only for intel i5 12500/13500

FL launcher runs the game with a specific start sequence and CPU instructions.
read more about 12th gen issue here

- details of previous updates
(included in version 3)


Know issues:

- argentine league:
a reported problem in this league due to adding more teams than the league schedule can handle, this causes the Argentinian league to finish before all the games have been played.
as a temporary solution, promoted teams are placed in other American teams, and can replace any team in the league using edit competition mode.

- problem with created players and disabling 1st transfer window in ML:
there is a known issue when creating new players in edit mode and assigning them to the master league, it will cause a contracts problem
also, the 1st transfer window is always active, cannot deactivate this option for the same reason.

there is a temporary workaround for both cases by reducing the starting year in ML and BAL


All links are available at the main release


1- extract and run (SPFL23_300.exe) as administrator and select the football life 2023 folder.
2- start the game from (FL_2023 start.exe)

Antivirus false positive:
all the files on the smokepatch website are safe and free from viruses or malware, we use BAT scripts to install and run the game, antivirus programs mark all BAT-based files as dangerous, and we cannot afford to buy a digital certificate, as the price for that is insane, do not let the antivirus delete or block the installation.
* don't do this unless you trust the source.


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