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Update 3.1 for SP Football Life 2023

settings/game options/game version

Update 3.1 for SP Football Life 2023
version 3.10/exe 23.3

update summary:
- updated player stats
- updated squads
- corrected minor DB mistakes
- updated/fixed more kits
- added alternative game launcher
- fixed random game mode
- fixed sound exit issue

update notes:
- this update requires game version 3.00, this update cannot be applied unless version 3 is installed
- this update will install a new edit file that includes transfers and enhancements, however, the previous edit file from version 3 can be used, in this case, make a backup before updating.
- all modes started with any version of football life 23 can continue after updating.
- unfollow and report the Facebook page, it is hacked, beware.

update details:

- updated player stats

player stats are updated to the latest ratings, to be impartial, stats are updated in mass based on Konami's latest updates.

the stats can be plus or minus one point from the base reference, this is due to the differences between states in eFootball and football life, the stats are scripted in excel to upscale the stats, then a minor adjustment is performed to work best with the football life's style of play.

players ID is identical to Konami unless there is no reference, in that case, a temporary ID is assigned, this allows the usage of face and commentary mods.

recently retired players are free agents, not removed from the database yet to preserve master league saves from previous versions.

- updated squads
performed a quick review to include more transfers, and added missing players to the database assigned to their respective teams, more than 350 players were added, mostly youth players.

- fixed minor DB mistakes
the script to convert the database is complicated and can sometimes result in minor issues like players with wrong skills or players without a boot or other similar issues, this is always reported and fixed in every update, this version uses a newer conversion script that is more precise and less prone to mistakes.

- updated/fixed more kits
included more updated and fixed kits for various teams, and minor issues reported by users are also corrected.

- added alternative game launcher
some users reported performance issues and lag in the game compared to previous football life versions, so an alternative unrestricted game launcher is added (FL_2023 start U.exe)
this will start the game with the normal sequence but without any instructions to the CPU, this can perform better for older systems, new systems must use the standard exe (FL_2023 start.exe)

- fixed random game presentation
a bug in the (random game) mode caused the presentation of the players to be dark, this is now fixed and shows the usual animation and ambient

- fixed sound exit issue
a bug was reported in the sound settings in master league, changing the settings in the game and then going back will go back to the main menu instead of the master league menu, this is now fixed and sound settings can be changed at any point in master league mode.


Install instructions:

- be sure to install update 3
- extract and run (SPFL23_310.exe)
- run the game from the proper game exe:

FL_2023 start.exe          --->  use for all
FL_2023 start 12G.exe  --->  for intel i5 12500/13500 or similar
FL_2023 start U.exe      --->  run without CPU instructions, will not work with new gen CPU but might perform better on some older systems.

* error cannot find game: reinstall game and don't let antivirus delete its files.
* run installer and game as administrator
* for help, see the FAQ section


version 3.10 (80 MB)

FL23 Download links at the main thread


know issue:

- problem with edit mode transfers contracts
there is a known issue in the master league when started after making transfers in edit mode, this will cause these transfers to have a problem in their contracts and this can bug the game in the transfer window.

there is a temporary workaround for this by reducing the starting year, see the tutorial
hopefully, a better solution will be found in future versions.

- some minor issues are not applied like alternating the league's rules, this is postponed to next season, as it will require starting a new master league, which is preferable to avoid.


Antivirus false positive:
all the files on the smokepatch website are safe and free from viruses or malware, we use BAT scripts to install and run the game, antivirus programs mark all BAT-based files as dangerous, and we cannot afford to buy a digital certificate, as the price for that is insane, do not let the antivirus delete or block the installation, don't do this unless you trust the source.


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