In progress/Coming soon


this is a summary of what's in progress and what's in the plans, will keep updating the (SmokePatch Latest) side panel regularly

1. face pack update 2

update 2 is in progress and expected to be available before the end of the month, this update is larger than update 1 in terms of file size (around 7 GB) and will include additional real faces for more than 2000 players and fixes for approximately 40 players.

with this and the previous update, the total number of players with real faces in football life will exceed 10.000 players.

to create a player face, instead of starting from scratch we use a similar player as a base model and retexture it, sometimes a model modification is needed using Blender, this allows for more faces in a relatively short time, most face makers use this method, please see the credits.

* Best use with FL version (23.3.3 or newer) for head size proportion.

2. Football Life 2023 update 23.3.3

football life is always evolving, and every update will bring more enhancements in many aspects, not all changes are logged, but in general, updates are in the database and graphics, like adding what's been done and ready of updated kits, at least 10 teams get newer kits in every update.

this update has a major review of the physical attributes of the player's head models, this process is done manually so it's time-consuming, but it's been done in sync with the new face pack update, at least half of the players with faces will be reviewed, the rest will follow in sequential updates, it's highly recommended to use the face pack with version 23.3.3 or newer.

this update is expected to be released in sync with Face pack update 2, late April to early May


3. Stadiums

stadium models are being retextured and reviewed prior to release, see the stadiums addon

England stadiums
Scotland stadiums
Italy stadiums
Spain stadiums

coming soon/testing
France Stadiums
Germany Stadiums
Netherlands Stadiums
Russia Stadiums

in progress
Portugal Stadiums
Turkey Stadiums
Colombia Stadiums
USA Stadiums
Japan Stadiums
China Stadiums
Brazil Stadiums
others Stadiums

4. Commentary

a new commentary update for all languages is in progress, this version added more player call names and added/activated more commentary dialogue.

all languages are currently under testing and should be available by the end of this week.

5. FL Themes

this addon has been on hold for a while, and now it's in progress, this option was intended to be included in the game options (theme option) but for technical reasons it will be available as an optional download.

the previous theme for SP may also be reworked and updated to work on football life.

6. Gameplay tips

plans to make tutorials on the gameplay and give tips on all aspects of the game, this will take time as it needs to be comprehensive and explanatory, I will probably start with the basics and see where it goes, a shortcut will be in the reference menu.

more information will be available after confirmation.