smokepatch plans for 2024


smokepatch is soon to resume this year's plans, it's hard to make progress under the current situation in Palestine, i am currently safe and I thank everybody who contacted or tried to contact me, with the support of my friends and fans, I hope things will get better for me and football life.

I'm currently unavailable most of the time, thanks to my friends the work never stopped and the amount of accumulated content is huge.

there are hundreds of emails that I'm unable to read and reply to, but I will try to respond as much as I can as soon as I can.

below is a brief of what is in the plans for Smokepatch's football life and what coming, more details for each topic will be available when it is possible.


- FL24 v2
- SP Football Life commentaries v5 (addon)
- SP Football Life 2024 Mega Facepack (addon)
- SP background game music (addon)
- Patreon support


Football Life 2024 v2

  • newly added teams (major update)
Japan: Júbilo Iwata - Tokyo Verdy - Machida Zelvia
Argentina: Club Deportivo Riestra - Independiente Rivadavia
Brazil: Amazonas FC - Operário Ferroviário - Brusque FC - Paysandu SC
Colombia: Fortaleza CEIF - Boyacá Patriotas
Chile: Deportes Cobreloa - Deportes Iquique
National Team: Yemen

  • updated kits (major update)
a huge amount of updated kits will be added,
the kits come in cpk format, not sider format, if users have a custom kitserver in the sider it will show that instead of the newly updated kits in the update.

  • updated gameplay (major update)
  • updated player stats (major update)
  • updated winter transfers (major update)
  • added zip file contains essential FL files (backup)
  • minor fixes (Indonesia national team in career mode, and other issues)

* ML and BL started with the previous FL24 version can continue after installing this update
* a new edit file will be installed, export any custom edits before updating, then import after installing the update.
* extended preview videos and more tutorials will be available on SP YouTube channel


SP Football Life commentaries v5
- major update
  • updated commentary dialogues
  • add many new players call names
  • applies to all supported languages in FL

Football Life 2024 Mega Facepack
- major update
  • add real faces for +14.000 players in FL24 v2
  • updated thousands of player face models and texture
  • reconverted all the face textures for shader uniformity
  • optimized textures for fast loading/FPS with the same quality
  • all faces are in preinstalled CPK format without extra folders
  • expected size after compression and optimisation (~50GB)

SP background game music
- new addon
  • a new BGM will be available in the addons menu
  • previous and alternative BGM will be available later on
  • only copy-write free tracks are used

Patreon Support
Working on a new (optional) way to support the work and help SP continue for as long as possible, Patreon is currently suggested, subscribers will have access to:
  • ad-free links for all SP contents
  • priority support via chat or private messaging
  • access to any available pre-releases or test versions
* All content will remain available on SP website as usual, supporting SP is optional.
* Comments on SP website will be upgraded and active later on.