Connect Controller

Connect controller

Controllers can be connected and used to play football life, there is more than one way to connect, commonly using DirectInput or XInput, I prefer and used to connect with (steam XInput) as shown below, controllers can be also connected using a freeware called (DS4Windows)

it is possible to have other controller buttons in the menu using Controller Buttons Addon

Connect Controller using steam (XInput):

1- run settings.exe, controller tap, and choose the XInput option:

settings XInput
XInput option in settings

2- connect the controller to your PC via Bluetooth or USB:

connected Bluetooth controller

3- open steam and go to: (settings - controller - general controller settings)
be sure to check support for the controller

* steam is free, download from the official steam link here

controller settings
Steam general controller settings

controller support
Steam controller support

4. start Football life from steam,
in steam, click add a game and select (FL_2023 start.exe), start football life from steam will have the controller connected, and all the necessary drivers needed are included in steam.

add a game
Add football life to steam

add FL_2023 start.exe
browse and select (FL_2023 start.exe)

run from steam
Run football life from steam


DirectInput / DS4

- we prefer steam connect, but it is also possible to connect using a tool called (DS4Windows):
- in this case, steam is not needed, please read this tool information from the source for functionality, and note the following

1. select DirectInput in settings.exe
2. changes might be needed in this file to avoid side console activation (spacebar):
...\SP Football Life 2023\SiderAddons\gamepad.ini

original link:


I hope this is helpful, there might be other ways that I'm not aware of.