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Tutorial - Change Master League starting year

For Football Life 2024:
The year change is done via Sider

For Football Life 2023:
SP Football Life's starting year in the master league and BAL is 2022 to correspond with the current season, this works without any problem, however, some changes in edit mode (creating players and assigning them to teams) can result in bugs in the player's contract.

we are trying to resolve this in the near future, meanwhile, this can be solved by changing the start year of the master league mode.

changing starting year to 2020 will solve the following issues:
- created players' contracts
- deactivate the first transfer window
- manual squad transfers

here is a fast tutorial on how to change the starting year of the master league:

you will need a Hexadimical editor, any simple one will do, I use HxD:

open (FL_2023.exe) in Hxd

Search for (01 B8 E6 07) in (Hex-values)

Search for (01 B8 E6 07) in (Hex-values)

Replace with (01 B8 E4 07)

save a close HxD, then start the game normally from (FL_2023 start.exe)

now master league starting year will be set to 2020, you can set any year to start with:

(01 B8 E7 07) = 2023 (same as default FL23)
(01 B8 E6 07) = 2022 (default FL23)
(01 B8 E5 07) = 2021 (can work, probably)
(01 B8 E4 07) = 2020 (can work safely)
(01 B8 E3 07) = 2019 (i have no idea)

pre-edited for ML starting in 2020:
FL_2024.exe (not needed)


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