PES 2021 - opinion

So we all heard about the new (pes2021) coming late September, this version is labeled (season update), in short, it will be a new game but nothing will really change, there is a new game updated fox engine that is now delayed until pes2022, but what does that mean and what we think about that?

Our opinion:
although we have different views on the subject, I think that delaying the new engine is a great move by Konami, simply because whenever Konami had an updated game engine things go south very quickly, for example, when Konami launched an updated engine in pes 2014, it was simply a catastrophe, the game was full of bugs and gameplay seemed like atari, it was in fact so bad that we stopped patching the game for two years, we restarted with pes 16 when that engine was perfected.

the second time the engine was updated was in pes 2018, and we all know how heavy the game was, pes 2018 was more demanding than pes 2019 and 2020, that is not to say that the engine was bad, in fact, it was great, with the use of the ftex format (gen1) and the game system structure it was very promising, but needed a lot of optimization that was done in pes 2019 and mastered in pes 2020.

the drawback of an updated engine is very clear to most editors and modders, player's faces from older games are no longer usable, stadiums too, and almost all the contents we created had to be remade almost from scratch, that makes patching very time-consuming.

the fact that Konami postponed the updated engine until pes 2022 is a very good decision, assuming that it will be free of bugs and optimized by the time we get it.

we cannot really confirm anything about what or when we will be releasing our patch for pes 2021, we need to analyze the game first then decide, but as we understand things, it will not be very different than pes 2020, we will probably use most of our contents from sp20, and of course, we will use any updated materials from Konami (kits, faces, ...) and add any kits that our kitmaker provides.

Should we buy pes 2021?
well, we have to buy it regardless, so we can patch it for our fans, and for 20$ its less than half the price of what we are used to, but do not expect many changes in the gameplay or graphics. if you mainly use offline modes (like most of us) things might not seem much different, but if you use online modes or my club then you would need to buy it.

unconfirmed plans for older games:
SP20: will have a new version, will be updated regularly and simultaneously with sp21
SP19: will have a new version, will be updated but in less frequency, as the game is getting older, addons will also be updated for this version.
SP18/17: although we don't have many users on pes18 and pes17, there might be a new database patch for the new season, most contents and add-ons will not be updated anymore.

note that we focus on the newer game version because that is what most of our users are playing and also because almost all contributions and donations are from new game users.

Konami is adapting to a global situation, as we are trying too, from a modder point of view its good news that pes 21 is only season update because either way we always update the game for the new season, that will make our work a little bit easier.

although the new game is much cheaper, I would have preferred that it would be made as a DLC for pes20 rather than an independent new game, because apart from changing the game year, pes21 would look identical to pes20, I am pretty sure its a marketing thing that they have to do to pay employees, maybe we work for free but Konami cannot afford to do that.

have fun, be loved, encourage peace and stay safe