Sider SP21

Sider SP21
for SmokePatch21
version 1 (17.nov.2020)

A sider is a tool made by (juce), which allows more things to be injected directly into the game such as more stadiums or automatic scorecards or others, bypassing game limits.

the sider is organized and configured to work with smokepatch and SP addons, all SP settings are ready in sider sp, we created an installer for easy install without confusion, the sider folder will be installed inside the game folder (select the game folder in the installer)

- sider DLL version is 7.0.2
- works on all p2021 versions.


- extract the installer and run the Sider SP21 installer
- select pes 2021 directory then finish
- run Sider SP21 to start the game (shortcut on desktop)

How to use with copy game:
Open sider.ini (located inside the inside folder)

Find these line: = "steam://rungameid/1259970"

change it to this: = "(location of Pes root folder)"
example: D:\Games\eFootball PES 2021

Disable/enable the gamepad console:
pressing RT+LT on the gamepad will show the sider console
if you want to disable this:

- open (gamepad.ini) from the sider folder

- Enabled:
gamepad.dinput.enabled = 1
gamepad.xinput.enabled = 1

- Disabled:
gamepad.dinput.enabled = 0
gamepad.xinput.enabled = 0

- save file and restart sider sp21


if you want to deactivate a stadium from the sider:
- open (map_teams.txt) with notepad (Sider SP21\content\stadium-server)
- find the line of the stadium you don't want and put # at the start of the line


Anfield active:
103, 004, Anfield, Anfield

Anfield not active:
#103, 004, Anfield, Anfield


(settings file inside sider folder, open with notepad)

Game Auto-Run
when you start the sider sp21, it will automatically start the game, you can disable this feature, open sider.ini and look for the following line, then change as shown below:

Auto-run Enabled = "steam://rungameid/1259970"

Auto-run Disabled
; = "steam://rungameid/1259970"

Controller side select:

Free select on = 1

Free select off = 0

+ Download Links:

Sider SP21
size: 2 mb
version 7.0.2


  1. When I launch sider2021 it opens a steam (I have non steam game), I tried replacing path in sider.ini from: "steam://rungameid/1259970" to actual game path, still won't launch game when I open it...

  2. For who use CPY. Change inside sider.ini
    Like this = "D:\GAMES\eFootball PES 2021\" = "\PES2021.exe"

    Start the sider first then game

    1. Change location according to where you install the game.

    2. did that exactly, still it only flashes white screen for a second and nothing happens...

    3. Works perfect. Thank you!

  3. Can I run other stadiums patches which are not contained in this patch with sider sp21??

  4. When I try to modify the text file of the sider.ini to add the stadiums I give it to save and I get the following error: C: \ Rrogram Files (x86) \ Games \ eFootball PES 2021 \ Sider SP21 \ sider.ini I don't have permission to open this file. Check with the file owner or administrator for permission.

    1. Just copy the file to desktop, edit in that place and then copy the file to the original place

  5. just delete the folder. for anyone having issues it took me 7 tries before it worked. delete the slider21 folder this will un install it and eliminate the stadium files. Re download the slider file following the link. install in the games directory. mine was c:\games\pes2021. copy the stadium or other files to the folder. send a short cut to the desktop. you will need to do this manually. the right click the slider exe and chnage it to admin under comparability. if you are using the cpy version it will open the folder to where the .exe is. run it. it works AMAZING!!! runs FLAWLESSLY on my old elite book with no graphics accelerator Thank you!! to the SP team and all who contribute for making this gaming experience that much better. Rant Done!.

    1. Nice to hear that mate. I will try ur tips tonight and keep u updating soon xD

    2. wow its working! thank you for the guide.

    3. bro it worked you are soo goood and SP thank youuuuuuu

  6. I can't disable automatic game start. I comment the line out, but it still runs the game and reverts comment. Comment is deleted after game runs. How to solve this?

  7. general note:
    we work and test on the full original mode,
    lite version or copy are not supported or tested, see the comments above to know how other users managed to make it work with the copy game

    1. should have tell us NOT FOR CPY VERSION not to let us spend money for almost 7Gb of nothing, USELESS PAGE

    2. we should have tell you nothing! we only have the original game, we will not use illegal game or do anything illegal for you

      in any case, WE are the ones paying money and time so our friends can enjoy it with us, you are clearly NOT a friend with this attitude, so please use other patches.

  8. For those who have cpy version simply move everithing from Sider Folder into game folder and remember to change the strings into sider.ini

    P.S. Thanks for your amazing work!

    1. thank you for reporting this, but it doesn't work for me

  9. Hello and thank you very much for your efforts! I am new to the PC version and I would like to ask if sider works with the smoke patch. Thank you!

  10. For who use CPY. just follow the insttruction above and then run the sider with administrator and with compatibility. open the sider first then the game. it works for me.

  11. Hey team, thank you for all of the great work you've done.

    Do you know if stadiums created for PES2019 will work on 2021? I've tried to import one and map but ingame I only get a black screen. It's probably my fault, but your thoughts would be awesome.

    Thanks again!