Introduction to SP Expansion

smokepatch expansion gives the users the option to create other leagues that are not present or in the default patch.

it will expand the patch capabilities to have a lot of customization ability for users and to have the ability to import the customized data into a newer version of smokepatch when it gets updated, users can share and coordinate their edits to create their own country league.

the default patch comes with predetermined leagues to replace the fake leagues in the game, as the patch does not keep any fake teams, all teams and leagues are licensed and do not have much room for editing to create another league that is not present in smokepatch.

when the expansion files are applied, the patch will unlock several editable teams in a certain location, these teams are fully editable and contain 25 players with a default name (PLAYER ID#),

In-Game Editor:
everything can be done in the game editor, no external tools or editors needed, the use of expansion can only be used in the game editor so it will always be compatible and without any problems or errors.

What can be edited:
- all the unlocked teams are fully editable (logo, name, kits, stadium, ...)
- all players in the added teams are standard with no stats, can edit everything in the game editor.
- all teams can be assigned to replace teams in a specific league (Europe league or Asia league or Americas league, classic teams)

Sharing and collaborating:
we will allow users to share their export files with others on smokepatch expansion pages, users who use the same league expansion can collaborate to create their country league and smokepatch will help as much as possible, a moderator will check the expansions every day.

to create a league that is not in present in the default patch, like Shopee Liga (Indonesian league), you will need to install the Indonesian expansion to smokepatch, this will add 18 editable teams (minus any team present in SP), will be available in (other Asian teams), in the game editor you can change the league structure and move these new teams to replace the teams in the fake Asian league (by default occupied with Japan league), then you can edit the competition logo, name, settings, and everything you want, then create the teams and the players of the Indonesian league.

that will result in a fully usable Shopee Liga (with the league cup and super-cup if possible), can be used in all offline modes, the edits can be exported and imported in the event of patch updates.

- PES2021 - SmokePatch21 v3 (21.3.0 or newer)

currently under study for expansions:
- Indonesian expansion (Asian league)
- Saudi Arabian expansion (Asian league)
- South Korean expansion (Asian league)
- Iranian expansion (Asian league)
- Vietnamese expansion (Asian league)
- Malaysian expansion (Asian league)
- Egyptian expansion (Asian league)
- Moroccan expansion (Asian league)
- Algerian expansion (Asian league)
- Tunisian expansion (Asian league)
- Ghanaian expansion (Asian league)
- Mexico expansion (American league)
- Ecuador expansion (American league)
- Uruguay expansion (American league)
- Peruvian expansion (American league)
- Austrian expansion (European league)
- Ukrainian expansion (European league)
- Greek expansion (European league)
- Czech expansion (European league)
- Serbian expansion (European league)
- Bosnian expansion (European league)
- Romanian expansion (European league)
- Classics expansion (Classic teams)

* minimum of 14 teams in the created leagues, leagues with only 12 will have two from lower divisions, leagues with less than 12 cannot be added in the expansion.

* not all countries can be included in the expansion, some league are too small (in number of participating teams)

we will be releasing detailed tutorials to explain and show how to use smokepatch expansion and how to use the import/export option to import all changes into a newer version of the patch.