Uninstall sider addons

in the case you want to remove or deactivate any sider addons, you can do this by doing one of the following steps:

to remove/uninstall addon:

the sider addons are located inside sider SP folder that in itself located in the game folder, to deactivate any addon you need to delete the folder of that addon, if you want to remove the addon, go to the sider folder and open the content folder, you can see the servers there, for example to remove stadiums delete (stadium-server) and so on.

to deactivate addon:

to deactivate a certain addon without deleting it, you can do that by opening (sider.ini) file with text editor, this file is located inside sider sp folder, find the lua line and put # or ; at the beginning, for example to deactivate stadiums:

lua.module = "SP20StadiumServer.lua"
;lua.module = "SP20StadiumServer.lua"


  1. i dont see the scoreboard folder in content but i do see it in modules folder. so, should i delete the folder available in the modules or is there any other options?

    1. for pes17 yes its located in the modules folder,
      delete it or rename it to disable it

    2. rename it or what? if rename what the file name? modules?

  2. como se activael sider de marcadores???

  3. if you want to uninstall and reinstall the sider you would just delete the file and install it over as before right?

  4. Help me please my scoreboard is not working ive tried what you said