Tutorial - how to merge CPK files

Merging multiple cpk files into one:

in this tutorial we are going to merge multiple cpk files into one file in case you want to arrange your customized files or you need to free up extra slots, in this example we are going to merge the four face cpk files into one cpk that contains all four faces.


1. Locate the extra CPK files:

Open the download folder of the game and locate the extra cpk files


2. Drag and drop the CPK file in CRI file maker:

download CRI packed file maker v2.40.13 and run the tool, drag and drop SMk_extra1.cpk into the tool, you should see a face cpk file inside the tool window


3. Extract the file:

after the file is opened in CRI file maker, extract the face cpk file by pressing the top right icon in the tool.


4. Create an extract folder:

now you should create a folder to extract the multi files in, in this example i created a folder on the desktop and renamed it to (merge), select this folder and press OK.


5. extract the next cpk file:

after the tool finishes, press ok and close the tool, now repeat the steps (2-3-4) for the other cpk files, extract them all in the merge folder


6. Verify the extracted files:

open the merge folder, browse the folder real as shown in the picture below, all face cpk files that has been extracted there with the correct ID, note that the face files are all in CPK format (not a folder).
you can add more face cpk files in this directory, add as much as you want.


7.  Load the MERGE folder:

open CRI file maker tool, drag and drop the folder (merge) inside the tool, the result should be similar to the picture below


8. Build the new CPK file:

now after the merge folder is loaded in the tool, press (build CPK file), in the small window rename the file to SMK_Extra1.cpk and press start to build.


9. Replace the old cpk with the new one:

the new CPK file you created contains all 4 CPK files, now copy or move the new file into the download folder of the game to replace the old CPK file

you can now use the other 3 extra cpk files to add other things.


  1. amigo de smokepatch pueden poner la cancha de river y los kits 2017 en la nueva actualizacion siempre use este parche lejos el mejor saludos desde argentina

  2. Error Stop
    Cannot Extract A File. This Is Invalid CPK File Format

    1. Be sure you have the latest version of cri pack

    2. what is the lastest version?
      i have 1.36.00

  3. No. wait
    I Can See The lastest version on screenshots
    Thanks For The Awsner
    Another Thanks For Including Peruvian Teams In The Patch
    And Another Thanks Because You Are THE GOD OF PES IN PATCHES

  4. i didnt get cpk file in merge folder only other files and when i drag and drop cpk file in cri packed program its open a lot of files not the same that you do in your screenshot what should i do please help me
    and thank you for tutorial and your help

  5. dear sir thank you for your tutorial
    i get a problem i hope you will help me with
    when i drag and drop cpk file into CRI program it show me alot of files ..
    and when i extract them in merge folder thers no cpk files to fund
    i used the same V2.40.13
    what shuld i do ?
    and thank you again for your help .

    1. I didn't understand, which step is not showing as pictures?

    2. same , it extract me folders and files
      can be merged like that ?

  6. I have 10 cpk files I want to merge, should I extract them all or merge the cpk s directly ?

  7. Hi mate
    Firstly, thanks so much for your great patch! Fantastic work.
    Now to the .cpk bidness!
    I have downloaded a bunch of faces by Samed Momeh which are fantastic. I want to add them to your 9.4 patch. I followed your instructions to merge the faces into one SMK_Extra1.cpk file (named as you showed).
    I moved this to the download directory and replaced the file.
    I load the game up as normal and check the faces...none of which have updated.
    Am I missing something?

  8. Hi, thank your for the tutorial,
    please I cant extract a CPK file using the last Cri version it says.
    “failed to exrtact a file. common/character0/model/character/face/real/10187?.cpk”
    what is the wrong, why is this file have a question mark in its name?

  9. can anyone give me the link of cri packed file maker V2.40.13 ?