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Tutorial - how to use smoke extra cpk

Adding mods/content from other sources

the patch includes 16 extra cpk empty files for the users to add a 3rd party add-ons, the procedure is easy and straight forward, (rename, copy and replace), do not generate the dpfilelist or you will change the patch and get errors that might not be reversed.

in this tutorial, we will show how to add (Preds English Call-names) to smokepatch, it is tested and fully compatible with smokepatch20 (pes20), this call names pack is fully credited to (predator002)

add any mods made by others the same way for all games, be sure that the things you add are compatible, don't add something made for a specific game with an older or other game.


1. Locate the extra cpk:

All the extra cpk files are located inside the download folder of the game, same as all the patch cpk files, decide which cpk you want to use, in this example we are going to use extra1 (SMK_Extra1.cpk), you can use any of the extra files.


2. Download the file to add:

in this example we are going to add (PredEnglishCallnames.cpk) to the patch, this is only an example and it could be any other cpk file, extract the file if it's in a RAR or zip archives because it needs to be CPK format so the game would read it.


3. Rename the file:

rename the new file to the same name as the extra cpk file we are going to use, in this case, Extra1 like this:
rename: (PredEnglishCallnames.cpk) to: (SMK_Extra1.cpk)


4. Copy and replace:

after renaming, just move or copy the new file in the download folder of the game to replace the extra cpk.


5. Run the game

After replacing the cpk run the game and you will see the add-on is working.


- If you run out of extra cpk files, you should merge multiple cpk files into one, see a tutorial on how to merge cpk files using (CRI-packed file maker).
- Be sure the 3rd party add-on you want to add is compatible with the patch (check with the files makers)