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PES 2017: game does not kick off problem

pes 2017 kick off

We received some complaints about this error, where the game does not kick off and stays at that position after much analysis we found that there are two reasons that can cause this problem:

1. Patch dpfilelist is changed:

the patch has a certain priority with the files that might change in updates, this is why we do not recommend editing the patch dpfilelist, changing this file will change the patch system structure and will cause many problems such as this problem.

reinstall the latest update, the installer will recover and install the patch dpfilelist

- we are aware that many insist on generating the dpfilelist to add or change things in the game, instead of that you can simply rename your files to the extra cpk files already included in the smoke patch, see the tutorial.
- generating the dpfilelist of the patch is known to cause second season crash with pes 2017

2. the wrong version is installed:

in the installer you have two options, one for steam and another for non-steam, they do not work the same, both versions have special compatibility files that will make this problem if the wrong version is chosen.

reinstall the full patch, and be sure to select the correct version
steam version: for the steam original game
non-steam: for non-steam copy

we always encourage everybody to read carefully the information we put to avoid similar problems, many details are mentioned the installation process is as easy as can be, just follow the simple instructions and the game will be as good as we can possibly make.