smoke patch reset tool

execo reset tool

explaining the smoke reset tool for EXECO

this tool is available with EXECO patch for both pes 2017 and 2018, and it is located inside the game installation folder by default

smoke reset tool location

What is the reset tool?

we create and add many options to our patch, but because everybody has his own taste in things we created this tool to remove some of the options.
this tool works by simply installing an empty file to replace the files for a specific option, to restore this option you will have to reinstall the patch as this reset tool cannot recreate these files.

What are the options you have?

- remove stadium sound effects (chants,...)
if you do not like the chants, you can simply select this option, which will remove the added sound effects and restore Konami default chants, this replaces the patch sound file with an empty file, the sound file that will be replaced is (03_smkdb_sfx.cpk) for execo18 or (smkdb_sfx.cpk) for execo17, you might want to back up this file to restore in case you want (to avoid reinstalling the patch if you want them back)

- remove music pack
as part of the execo theme, we added a music pack that we see fit for both the patch and the game, we will also create more themes in the future, however, if you would want the original game music you can reset the music file from this tool (SMK_Addmusic.cpk)

- remove scoreboard:
the default patch has a light scoreboard with the EXECO replay logo installed by default, you can install other scoreboards by downloading the scoreboard switcher from addons, or you can reset the scoreboard to remove the execo replay and revert to the patch default replay logo (SMK_Addscore.cpk)

- remove theme:
as you will know EXECO patch has a graphic theme we created to change the experience of the game, this is also an option the can be removed with this tool, resetting the theme will bring back the default backgrounds instead of execo backgrounds. (SMK_Addtheme.cpk)

- reset all extra CPK files:
this is mostly for diagnostic purposes, you can remove any custom files you added via replacing the extra cpk files, if you face problems in the game you can reset the cpk you added to see where exactly is the problem.