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Announcement: SP Football Life 23 Facts and information

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What is Football Life?

SP Football Life is our attempt to continue playing updated career modes, using the career modes of PES.

Like many other gamers, we do not have any interest in playing online matches, we prefer to play career mode in a football game almost exclusively, this is not available anymore as Konami has retired the pro evolution soccer series, and the game is no longer available to purchase, we cannot continue creating content for a game that cannot be bought anymore. newer games do not have any offline or career modes yet, waiting for that to happen, we will be playing and creating content for football life.

SP Football Life is how we like to play a football game, it is made with the same standards as previous smokepatch contents and is built according to our guidelines to the best of our knowledge, users can read the description before deciding to use football life as everybody have their own taste and preference

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Release Date

in smokepatch we rarely announce release dates for our content, announcing a specific date to release a specific product is a responsibility that must be honored, and there can be a huge amount of unpredictable reasons that can cause delays, we can never be sure but we can only promise that we are doing the best we can.

we are still expecting the first version to be released by the end of this month, but it might be delayed for some days if needed, constant updates will be provided after the release to enhance features and apply more updated content.

SP Database

Football life will be using the new smokepatch database, created specifically for football life, we use the pes database as a reference for the player's and team's ID, this will allow us to use the new commentary files and other features

* The pictures below may vary from release
football life spurs

football life sevilla

football life istanbul

football life flamengo



addons are optional features that can be downloaded and added separately, most addons are kept optional due to the large file size.
many add-ons are included in football life by default, some completely, others partially.
Stadium audio effects and features are included by default, and so are the cinematics, ad-boards, and scoreboard addons.

Faces addon:

real player faces will not be included by default, the faces would add more than 20 GB to the total size, so the new face pack will be available separately, users can also use our older face pack made for pes21, but it might have some differences due to it being from an older version, faces from other sources can also be added if made for pes21.

master league managers (+100) will have their faces included by default.

SP facepack addon

Commentary addon:

A new English commentary version will be included in football life, and many call names added, other languages will also be available as an optional addon, and all languages will be updated to the newest version.

optionally users might prefer to use commentary call names from predator002, it can work too, differences between predator002 call names and our commentary addon:

- predator002 coms have much more call names
- SP commentary has multiple languages, predator002 coms are in English only.

kits, boots, gloves, and balls

all teams in football life have real kits, more than 200 teams have updated kits for the new season, others have previous season kits, and more updated kits come in updates same as in previous smokepatch releases, every new season we update the graphics (kits, balls, boots, ...), but not all models are updated.


Football life stadiums
SP Football Life Stadiums

SP Football Life comes with 29 real model stadiums, and 17 fake stadiums for diversity, stadium model size is big, so we kept our selection in the base game to the minimum.

adding all the available stadiums can use over 100 gigabytes of the available disk capacity, users can decide to add more stadiums from our stadium's addons (in progress), but be aware of the size needed, and keep in mind that you might not play in most of them, example if you add all Italian stadiums and you play in a team in brazil, you might never see any of them in the game career, some users prefer the coach mode, which doesn't require any stadiums.

a modified sider is included in football life by default, stadiums from pes21 can be added with ease, we will be creating a tutorial for that when the stadium's addon is released.

the new stadium's addon will have around 150 additional stadiums that can be downloaded and added to football life.

Stadiums included in football life:

Spotify Camp Nou - Spain
Wembley Stadium - England
Stadio Olimpico - Italy
Old Trafford - England
Estádio José Alvalade - Portugal
Allianz Arena - Germany
Estádio do Morumbi - Brazil
Estádio Urbano Caldeira - Brazil
Allianz Stadium - Italy
Saitama Stadium 2002 - Japan
Maracanã Stadium - Brazil
El Monumental - Argentina
La BomboneraLa Bombonera
Estádio Mineirão - Brazil
Neo Química Arena - Brazil
Stade Louis II - Monaco
Emirates Stadium - England
Johan Cruijff ArenA - Netherlands
Anfield - England (sider)
Etihad Stadium - England (sider)
Giuseppe Meazza - Italy (sider)
Parc des Princes - France (sider)
Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan - Spain (sider)
San Siro - Italy (sider)
Santiago Bernabeu - Spain (sider)
Signal Iduna Park - Germany (sider)
Stamford Bridge - England (sider)
Tottenham Stadium - England (sider)
Wanda Metropolitano - Spain (sider)

Fake Stadiums:
General Stadium (previously Konami stadium)
Estádio do Escorpião
Metropole Arena
Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo
Stade de Sagittaire
Stadio Orione
Burg Stadion
Estadio del Martingal
Rose Park Stadium
Estadio Campeones
Coliseo de los Deportes
Sports Park
Neu Sonne Arena
Village Road
Hoofdstad Stadion
Stadio Nazionale
Estadio del Tauro


all the contents we create and share on the smokepatch website are free, do not download any of our work from any other sources.
various addons and helpful tutorials are being prepared,
we hope 2023 would be a fun year, we wish for peace and equality for all.

see the football life 2023 announcement for more information



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