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Update 1.01 for SP Football Life 2023

update 101
Football Life update 1.01

prior to the first release, and following issues reported by our fans, a new update is available to address these issues.

* updating football life does not damage the career mode.
* the update will reinstall a new edit file

the following issues are resolved:

1. local/cloud documents folder

we always work on local files, the installer usually assumes that the documents folder is local, this update will install the edit file in both cases, local and cloud documents folder is now supported.

this update will re-install the edit file in the correct place.

2. the edit data not loading in the exhibition mode

the edit file is not reflected when entering exhibition mode unless loaded manually in edit mode, resulting in the selected teams having mixed up formation, this update will correct this issue.

now the edits will load automatically with the game launch.

3. Settings error

some users experience random loading errors due to a conflict with previous system settings, this update will reset the settings to create a new one.

the settings menu will appear after exiting the update, change settings if needed then click ok to exit.

4. deactivated the theme change menu

the color change option is not functional yet, if users manage to access it and change it will bug the game, this option is now unaccessible to avoid such a problem.

in case this already happened, the user might need to manually delete (SYSTEM00000000) from the save folder.

the update link is available with the links on the football life 2023 page


known issues:

Real Faces:
football life does not have any real faces, this is an optional add-on that will come later, faces from the previous version can work but it will not have all the available faces, it is just a temporary solution, otherwise, we won't be needing to create the new face pack.

Installing football life over an existing game
Football Life must be installed in a new folder, it cannot be installed over an existing game, and it will cause bugs in both games, do not install football life over another game.
please follow the installation instructions carefully

the new gameplay is different, it is following our preference, we recommend giving it a long try, users can always switch to the default pes21 using the FL23 switcher. (located in the game folder)

* reports about the resolved issues will be removed from the main post.