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Announcement: information and notes


It's a pleasure seeing the number of users enjoying football life, I certainly did not expect this amount of new users, it is totally experimental and it makes me happy that many gamers share my preferences in playing a football game.


please find below important information

Comments and Questions

due to the increasing number of users, our modest comment section has become saturated regardless of the comment rules, but we will have to do with it until a better alternative is found, Reddit integration is suggested.

we are aware that some users have issues running football life on their system for some reason or another, we will try to address all issues, of course, we do not have the backing to address major compatibility issues or request driver updates, but we will try to find solutions for such cases, most notably Alder Lake's 12th gen processors that many games have issues with unless the e-cores are deactivated, we are gathering as much information as possible on all cases and we will share the best answers and help to the best of our knowledge.

we are preparing a new FAQ page (frequently asked questions) to cover the most common issues and reply to the comment section as much as possible.

No Facebook Page:

our Facebook page is not under our control, please unfollow it if you are still on it, as we won't be returning to Facebook anyway even after recovering the page, due to lake of security there.

please note that smokepatch never sends any messages or emails (except for replying), we will never ask for money, and our secure donation button is only here on the smokepatch website

for your security, use only our links on this website when downloading our content.
we only ask users to send donations if you can, and good vibes if you can't.

On that note, a special thanks for your contribution in the last couple of months:
W. McGiven
S. Fleuret
S. Capitanio
D. Flatley
K. Shrestha
I. Dimitroglou
J. Mariscal
I. Arvanitis
N. Mbangi
M. Tziris


the gameplay of football life has been under development for a long time, its made to be balanced with other aspects of the game, and it is very different than pes21, for example, the defense-cutting through balls is rare and underpowered to encourage build-up in the match, only highly rated players in specific circumstances can slice such passes, there are many changes that users might or might not like.

users can switch to pes21 gameplay using the switcher (FL23 switcher.exe), it will also be as fun.
users can also experiment with any pes21 dt18 gameplay mods made by the editing community.

football life executable remains compatible with all pes21 gameplay mods that use modified dt18 data, but football life cannot run properly with any other pes21 executables.

Football life update 2.0

the new update is almost ready, this is a big one with many changes in many aspects. all other addons and contents are on hold until the release of this update.

here is a summary of the main changes:

- menu multi-language support
- audio enhancements
- edit mode fixes
- database updates
- player stats update
- sider addons update
- world cup squads update
- add more updated kits

many other fixes and updates are included, more information will be available when released.
the update is expected to be available in a week or so.

this will be the last update in 2022
stay safe and enjoy your holidays