Introduction to Addons

addons are optional additions that can be added to the patch series, many features are optional and not included in the standard patch to keep the size of the files as small as possible, most of the addons are made by us, some are made by friends in the modding community and credited in the release, addons are updated whenever needed to keep them always compatible with the newest game and patch versions.

all our addons are tested on the patch, some of them work on all versions of the patch, and others work on a specific version, it is important to read the description of any addon to have all important information about compatibility and installation and other needed information.

cpk addons:
archive add-ons are mostly copy/paste kind of installation or easy setup, files are copied inside the download folder of the game, same as the rest of the patch files, all our addons are preinstalled and ready to work without any other effort.

sider addons:
this kind of addons require a small program to be installed first to be able to install its addons, it is necessary to run this tool and it will run the game when active (older games should be started manually after starting this tool)

addons made by others:
some users like to add mods made by others to the patch, some add-ons can work without any problem, others may cause serious problems that crash the patch or corrupt save files, we cannot predict the results of adding things from the other sources. if there is a problem with anything added from other modders and caused issues in the game then remove and restore the default patch, see reference/tutorials menu for adding files to the patch.