SP20.2.6 details

SmokePatch20 (PES2020)
version: 20.2.6 (all in one)
status: RELEASED

whats new:

- DLC7 compatibility (game must be updated to exe version 1.07)
the new version have reworked system files for full compatibility with the new game version and contents, all smoke patch features has been restored and functioning normally, included all needed data pack contents.

- New miniface pack
this version included a huge minifaces upgrade (player formation picture), there are more than +10.000 new real picture, a total of +20.000 real formation photo in smoke patch, this will make a great addition to master league mode as the minifaces covers all players ages, players that cannot find pictures will be added too when possible.

- Various updates
the database is constantly under review, all fixes and corrections done so far is included this version, along with other updates and fixes in all other patch contents.


- Master league/BAL modes:
We have tested the new patch with master league modes started with previous SP20 v2 versions, all tests are fine and no serious issue found, any mode started with v2 should be compatible with the new patch, however if your mode encounter an unpredictable problem then it is recommended to start a new mode.

- dpfilelist
The patch, updates and all addons are made to work with the original dpfilelist of the patch, if this file is changed or generated it could lead to bugs and ML problems, use the extra cpk method instead.

- SP addons:
All big addons works as predicted, no problem found, some addons need small upgrades, every addon have compatibility or information for its usage, always be sure you have the latest version of any addon.

- Mods by others
If the user decided to use mods from other makers, be sure it will not conflict with smoke patch or SP addons, always make backup so if you have problem you can recover the patch and remove any errors.

- Game version 1.07
SP20 is compatible with the newest game version, we build and test the patch to be fully compatible with the latest exe, this file is not included in smoke patch, we assume the game will be already updated by steam to (version 1.07)

- Error reporting
Only report a problem if you are using unchanged smoke patch and addons, we cannot track and fix any issue caused by changing the patch or adding things not from our work, test the game with unedited smoke patch before reporting any issue

- DLC7 faces
The real faces are no longer included in the default full patch, faces from the new contents will be added with other new faces to the update for the smoke patch facepack.

- Adboards euro:
Euro 2020 addboards will not show in the game if SP adboards is installed, the addon will overwrite the new content, this addon will be updated to correct this and to update other adboards.

- SP installer
The new patch installer will not replace chants, faces or the adboards addons, all other files will be replaced or updated including all the extra cpk files of the patch

SP team