update 1716 details

version 17.1.6

Kits - DONE
- convert from sp20
- activate many CL kits
* kits are compressed in a new conversion method similar to pes 2017 original compression, the pack size is smaller and loads kits faster.

Balls - DONE
- created an all-new ball pack

Emblems - DONE
- convert teams and competition logos from sp20 - DONE

Bugs - DONE
- fix duplicated team in Asian league (fixed the league's structure)
- test master league (skip match mode)

End of game loading bug - DONE
- replaced, updated more than 150 faces to fix (real eyes mod)

Edit file - DONE
- generated new edit file
- injected stadium names
- assigned rivalries
- assigned stadiums (unlocked for user assignment)
- injected competition settings (activate league sleeve patch)
- assigned leagues balls

- no database changes, you can use the old edit file IF you reset the competition structure to apply the ACL fix from the update. but it is always better to use the default update new edit file.

- if you have edited players or teams you can export them before you update, then import them after updating, see the tutorial.

- tested with the patch and the patch addons only, SIDER addons are not activated during all the tests to better localize any errors in smokepatch17.

- there might be other faces with (real eyes) problems that might cause loading errors at the end of games, to filter all the faces for this it will take much more time, we fixed the most important faces that should make the game load normally.