PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.7 Titanium + updates

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.7 Titanium + Updates

- New executable for improved game play and AI (patch exe version 1.5)
- Ready for 2011/2012 season
- Added 17 new national teams with correct kits and team squad.
- Added 53 new clubs with correct kits and team squad.
- Correct Names for everything.
- Correct emblems and flags for all teams.
- Bundesliga replaces PES league fake teams.
- Championship nPower league teams replaces fake league and teams in 2D league. (optional Segunda divison, Italian Serie B and 2.Bundesliga are available)
- No duplicated players.
- Special Chants for most teams.
- Special goal chants for 46 players.
- New faces for most players.
- New titanium special scoreboard
- New titanium special menu
- Correct kits for all teams.
- Updated transfers.
- Added 26 more high quality stadiums.
- Added and updated balls (28 balls).
- Updated boots.
- Added more than 1500 new players.
- Most trainers are famous classic players.
- Complete 32 champions league teams including 4 missing teams.
- Compatible with previous SMoKE patch saves.
- And much more...


1. Remove any previous patches installed.
2. Unrar files, run (setup.exe) and follow installer until it finishes.
3. When install finishes manager.exe will run, be sure that manager is attached to the exe file, if it shows errors run manager.exe as administrator. and start game as admin.


no konami updates needed.

Full 3.7: (wait 5 seconds then skip)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Update 3.7.4:



  1. after update 3.7.3 things are getting better! keep up the good job!

    however there are still a few glaring errors:

    1) wright-phillips should be in QPR not man city
    2) david bentley should be in west ham not spurs
    3) the spurs kit is not updated yet
    4) ji dong-won should be in sunderland

    other than that, nice work! thank you so much!

  2. When you gonna fix Porto stats...they deserve better stats...thx

  3. Tottenham kit is not updated yet.

  4. After instalation of this fix everything is ok, no more crash, but, (i dont know is this only at me) Van der Saar is no more GK, he is CB, DM! Sorry for my bad engllish, and tnx for a great work!

  5. please put coady,sterling ,suso, flanagan ,adam morgan in liverpool squad

  6. OK - time to upgrade my PES ;-)
    Thanks SMoKE for hard work and realising new version.
    After installing I will do a debrief.

  7. please update spurs and Malaysia kit..
    update more boots...

  8. are you going to work on a patcho for pes 2012?? it would be exelent. I've been using smoke patch for ever and its the best

  9. Are you thinking in a patch for pes2012?

  10. OK, so here it goes. The 3.7 (with 3.7.3) works very well.
    I' ve even noticed an improvement in players movement, behaviour, control of the ball which is very very improtant.
    Though there are some things that could be improved in future:
    1. Passes -> more precise
    2. Commentary -> more names (especially of young players)
    3. Stats - improvement in the stats of young players and long-lasting stats of veteran players which are still playing of very high level (ex. John Terry -> 30 yrs old and already getting worse in ML? crap...)
    4. SMoKE logo in the menu (it is still written 3.6 :D) -> could be placed in the upper right corner so it won't cover the wallpaper
    I think it's all I can think of right now.
    Great work Dido, keep it up! Cheers mate!

  11. -upadate more new boots n new nike ball...
    -please repair all faces Malaysia team..
    sorry my bad english..

  12. The 3.7 is good with the 3.7.3.
    Thanks for your work!. But the cursor change is different with the 3.6, it isn't as smart as 3.6 and the player's A.I worse than Com's A.I
    Forgive my bad English.

  13. my pes2011 crashes all the time... how can i fix it..?? i'm using patch 3.7...and updated it with 3.7.3.. but sometimes it crashes...why..??

  14. mocuyendu is right about the A.I of players of the team which we control. To say more - they are dumb as hell!
    They are not able to pass normally (like touch down pass or 1-2 pass, nothing!) they can't controll the ball for nothing or trap it (players like torres, drogba, lampard, meireles should easily cope with this but hell no - no way!)
    First touch pass/shot/clearence in front of the goal - forget it!
    Please SMoKE fix it because the game is really getting unpleasant...
    The only thing as I've mentioned before is the ball controll when thay are ON the ball - before it's a drama...

  15. HI !

  16. Thanks so much! The patch is a great update and is very stable on my computer.

    Only one thing I've noticed - a few newer players are missing like Carl Jenkinson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    at Arsenal, and a couple at Man Utd. Another tiny niggle is that some players are missing from international selection even though they are of that particular nation.


  17. PES 2012 awaits your magic touch smoke until then i wont be playing it too much.

  18. yeah... ,:'D
    UPDATE 3.7.4
    thanx smokey dido..

  19. the team already updated?
    Cesc F.-Barcelona
    Nasri-Man City
    Mikel Arteta-Arsenal
    De Gea-Man United
    Carl Jenkinson-Arsenal
    Joel Campbell-Arsenal
    DJ Campbell-QPR
    Dorus De Vries-Wolverhampton
    Jamie OHara-Wolverhampton

    and etc......please reply...thanks

  20. italianissimo12/10/11 8:47 PM

    As far as I know all the transfers are already done in the patch.

    There is one mnore thing (think I've mentioned it...) - the players age and form - can somethong be done with development of the players? Especially the "minus development" (you know in the ML the bar is blue).
    It's way unfair that Terry (30 yrs old sic!)or Lampard Drogba (33) are downgrading already! or Torres having 28 years or Meireles or Nasri! I mean WTF!? They are still great footballers (especially terry and lampard) - it's just unfair IMHO...
    Could you fix it Dido in the game files?

  21. could you please add more young players for liverpool?

  22. Ive been using smoke patches since pes 2009, theyr 2nd to none. It would be really great if u make a pes 2012 patch. cheers

  23. im just bought pes2012.bored because need to be updated..cannot wait 4 ur pes 2012 patch Dido!really love ur works!when will be released bro? :(

  24. Just got my hands on the brand new PES 2012. The game itself is brilliant - players are moving very well, it's difficult to create a goal scoring opportunity, dribling is way better than in 2011.
    Missing the pad though to make those passes stick perfectly.
    Waiting for the patch with stips of Chelsea and updated teams!
    Cheers Dido.

  25. Hi Smoke, for this feature "Championship nPower league teams replaces fake league and teams in 2D league. (optional Segunda divison, Italian Serie B and 2.Bundesliga are available) *comming soon " may i know when will it be out? i have been waiting!!

  26. Hey smoke, I just try the tester for pes2012 it's amazing. I love the espn score board, all the transfers are up to date, excelent. I wish you remove the PES BOOTS and replace'em with nike adidas puma boots, and some faces like falcao (atletico de madrid). I don't have any error to report of any kind... keep it up man, your patches are just the best, thanks

  27. Pes god.! Plz mak a patch 4 pes12 , else its lik playn pes10 wid an old patch

  28. coming soon, thge patch 4gold will be ready by the end of muslim eid

  29. I think you should make a patch for pes 2011 that works with data packs also.

  30. adding new ball in pes 2011..plz Dido..TQ

  31. anybody knows the face link for my created player so that i can add tattoo to my created player

  32. still playing pes 2011, bcoz of Dido patch, no PES are boring, but needs new ball...NIKE SEITIRO, only new ball should be enough for me..DiDo...sorry for my bad english...

  33. DIDO make a patch that supports DLC as well as 3rd and 4th kits. please i will be waiting for you

  34. Seem likes Dido so busy updating PES2012, he won't do PES2011 update. As i've been played PES2009, same thing happen when he busy updating PES2010. But as always, DiDo Patches is the greatest...Keep up the great work DiDo...Sorry for my bad english

  35. why when i enter the edit player section to see the kit..the game always crashed? and it seem i cant play a thing and even to play the exhibiton game, if it keeps crash all the time!

  36. Hi Dido.

    Pls help me. I need download the updates of 3.7 patch but i coudn't because the links doesn't work, pls share it in a torrent link. Help me on

    I love PES 2011!!


  37. Update 3.7.4 can not be downloaded, all broken links

  38. Hi Smoke.

    Previously i was playing with Titanium 3.6 and ALL is well.

    Recently i updated to Titanium 3.7 but the jerseys for Liverpool and ManCity are wrong (they appear as standard blue konami jersey).

    I can't download 3.7.4 since all the links are not functional (i guess this has to do with SOPA?)

    Appreciate if you/anyone can help me through this.


  39. when i want to play a match , it keep crash telling pes2011 stop working...please help meee!!!...

  40. How to select 2nd league

  41. How to change 2nd league

  42. please add india national team.your next patch.add some new camera mode like fifa.this all for pes 2011.pea 2011 aaltime best pes all versions so see u on next patch.

  43. please release newest EDIT file with newest transfers

  44. DiDo, please update PES 2011 like you do with PES 2012. Because i liked it very much. i won't play PES 2011 because of your patches. Please DiDo. Sorry for my bad English.

  45. Have you patch for only BPL and Bundesliga licensed?

  46. Why epl kits not update..only mu real jersey..why??