PES 2013 smoke patch V3 (5.6.0) by ElMohamadi

hello, after the wait, elmohamadi finished working on the new smoke patch for pes 2013, smoke patch team does not have the resources to make updated versions for all pes series, currently making pes 2017 and 2018 patches.

dido_smoke agreed with elmohamadi to take charge of patching pes 2013 under smoke patch name, he is a well known patch maker who makes excellent quality patches, and now pes 2013 users can enjoy a new patch.

Patch Features (as posted by Elmohamadi)

Add to English Premier League (20 teams)
Add to French league (18 team)
Add to Tunisian league (14 teams)
Add to Portuguese league (18 team)
Egyptian league (18 teams)
Bundesliga (3 teams)
Add Egyptian League 2 (3 teams) for promotion/relegation

Add the 2018 African Champions League complete updated with the latest teams
Add the 2018 Champions League
Add the European League 2018
Add the African Nations Cup with its real system
Add Cuba America
Add the AFC Champions League
World Cup Russia

Add 7 new stadiums (Cairo - Burj Al Arab - Petroport - 3 stadiums for the African Champions League - ...)
Update ads for all stadiums
Update turfs with all teams

Updated kits for all leagues 18/19 season
Boots update for the 18/19 season
Update the face to all 18/19 teams
Update plans and adding official plans for the Egyptian, Spanish, Tunisian and French league 18/19
Update the up and down teams for the 18/19 season
Updating plans and teams for the 18/19 season
Update players textures
Update all transfers for the 18/19 season

Add 11 Start Screen
Add 2 new menues
Add 3 exclusive graphics (FIFA 18 - SmOke Graphic - Rossia 18)
Add a tool to add coaches in their real form
Add 4 ads
Add a new tools
Add two tools to the Master League (Hacker)
Add new stadium tunnels for the 18/19 season
Add a tool to change the shape of logos

Scoreboards Selector:
Add 6 new Escort Board ((Dmc Sport - Rossia 18 - Pes 18 - Ligua 1 - Laliga))

African Champions League:
Add 38 new teams
Update all kits for the 18/19 season
Update all 18/19 teams
Update of the title holder for the 18/19 season
Exclusive scoreboard for the 18/19 season
Update all words for season 18/19
Update Intro Tournament HD 18/19
Update of the tournament tunnel 18/19
Update the staff kits for the 18/19 season


* size ~ 3GB
* links from Elmohamadi


One Link:

File Upload


1 Gb parts:

File Upload
- part 1
- part 2
- part 3

- part 1
- part 2
- part 3

- part 1
- part 2
- part 3

- part 1
- part 2
- part 3

500 mb parts:

File Upload
- part 1
- part 2
- part 3
- part 4
- part 5
- part 6

- part 1
- part 2
- part 3
- part 4
- part 5
- part 6

Credits (credited by Elmohamadi):

ElMohamadi Patch Maker
Mido Abo Malak
Omar Samy
Mohamed Ahmed Sp
Ahmed Hassan
Adham Taysser
Ahmed Hamdy
Saber Bnslimane
Rgr FaceMaker
Blue FaceMaker
Dani Designer FaceMaker

Gk Mohamed Ehab

more info and screenshots preview HERE


  1. I don't know how to install because the tutorial is written in UAE language. Please translate it to English if you want this patch go worldwide. I very appreciate that.

    1. i will get the instructions and update the post soon

    2. thank you so much.

    3. That patch was very good. I try to install to PES 2013 and it worked and can play very well. But that patch also included a lot of bugs (i found during last night playing with my friends).

      1. Selector for change Start Screen and other options didn't work and it always show errors because they made fixed file locations (To and From).
      2. Wrong regions in national teams. All Asia national teams appeared in Africa region and all Africa national teams appeared in Asia region.
      3. Radar didn't show during match (I tried to adjust setting for radar but still disappear.). Playing without radar become more challenging :) .
      4. Player status such as Speed : B etc didn't appear at Game Plan.
      5. There was no England national team at Europe region. (Are you kidding? But that was not important issue for us.)

    4. can you help me installing this patch, I used cracked version because I lost my PES 2013 account. But I can't install the patch.

    5. Yes but not now (i in office) but i will reply for you about "How To Install that patch" after i arrive to my home.

    6. 1. Extracted downloaded "P13.SMOK" folder to your Hard Drive.

      2. Copy & Paste file "P13.SMOK\Patch\Dlc 6.0\dt0f.img" to
      XP: "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download"
      Vista: "C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download"
      Windows 7: "C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download"
      Windows 8 : "C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download"

      3. Copy & Paste folder "P13.SMOK\Patch\KONAMI\SmOkePatch2018" to your "Documents\KONAMI". (That was Save and Edit files).

      4. But squad wasn't update at current Smoke Patch. So you need to download update squad file from here

      You need to make Copy & Paste file "Edit.bin" to "Documents\KONAMI\SmOkePatch2018\SaveOptionFile"

      (Actually that was update option file for PES Edit but it also work with Smoke Patch (I tested)).

      5. You can configure about Graphic, Sound and Controller Setting by "SmOke . Settings.exe".

      6. You can play PES 2013 with Smoke Patch by open "SmOke . Play.exe"

      ENJOY !

    7. I can't download squad file. Can you reupload it?

    8. Here is original link for squad file

      But that was not latest squad file now. Latest squad file will be release again on tomorrow. So you can go to that website again and download it (Need to download only for PES 2013 :) ).

    9. By the way If you are not OK with current smoke patch, you can try PES Edit Patch for PES 2013. PES Edit Patch was more stable yet

      You can look here

      then that was update or fix

      then squad file

      I still playing PES 2013 with that patch and it was more stable and up to date patch.

    10. that is so great. Thank you for creating a good patch while waiting for SMoke 2017 :D

  2. Are there Italian and Spanish or more Bundesliga teams, or you replaced it with Tunisian and Egiptian leagues?

  3. Fala ae rapaziada do smoke ,tudo beleza , mais uma vez parabéns a todos .
    Testei a versão 5.3 , e está muito legal também.
    E para Pes2015 , vocês pensam em lançar algum patch ?

    Bom , queria falar a respeito de criadores de patch.Estou desempregado há quase 3 anos (a crise de desemprego no Brasil ainda está muito grande) ,tanto que meu jogo é craqueado ,e vocês que disponibilizam o patch gratuitamente não imaginam como meus dias ,e,(acho que de varias pessoas que passam por momentos difíceis na vida ) e jogando com o conteúdo que vocês disponibilizam , já da muita alegria nos dias jogado.

  4. There was no guide or manual for "How To Install?" with English language.

  5. teslm eadk ya mohamadi 3almy bgd patch gamed bs fe mo4kla el map elly byban feha ell3epa m4 mawgoda

  6. Installation:-
    1- the game installation folder must be empty of any other patches only img folder.
    2- Extract patch files.
    3- go to Patch folder.
    4- take all the files inside it ( except Konami folder ) and insert them into the game installation folder.
    5- take konami folder to My Documents folder.
    6- finally, take Dlc 6.0 folder into img folder of the game installation folder.
    sorry for my bad English :)

  7. عمل جيد يا اخى ولكن هناك مشكله الخريطه غير موجوده اثناء اللعب

  8. It's a good patch but the improvements is needed.
    1.Mistake in national teams (Asian teams in Europe etc.)
    2.Player ratings are terrible; please use Smoke ratings or PES 2018 ratings; because of this ratings is unreal (Iniesta 98, Suarez speed 71, Neymar and Robben don't have technical abilities....), (do for all players please)
    3.Commentator names are not correct for a lot players (Casemiro, Verrati..)
    4.Update for last winter transfers
    5.Please add teams in Bundesliga (now in Bundesliga has three teams)
    That is for now and good luck in further works. Best regards.

  9. In master league the game all time crash at the date of 6 June what is the hell