Change Log

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.4.4: (details)
- added more real faces
- updated more transfers 6-August
- updated more kits
- fixed Augsburg loading bug
- optimized some files
- updated some competitions
- added Paris FC to ligue 2
- other enhancements

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.4.3: (details)
- added more real faces
- updated more transfers 25-July
- added more kits
- fixed African clubs tactics
- fixed loading bug in second division winning game
- fixed Flamengo
- fixed Carabobo
- unlicensed a team for custom use (skenderbeu korce)
- a lot of enhancements and fixes

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.4.2: (details)
- added a lot of new real faces
- added 8 new African clubs option in league switcher
- added new Retirees classic team
- applied thousands of transfers up to 13-July
- added kits for the new teams
- fixed new teams tactics
- fixed loading bug in league winner game or cup final
- a lot of enhancements and fixes

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.4.1: (details)
- Fixed AI formation
- Fixed Switcher
- Fixed Balls
- started leagues update for new season
- started leagues and teams review
- reviewd players stats

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.4: (details)
- added league switcher with new leagues
- added more new teams
- added more players
- added more real faces
- updated stadiums (v3)
- added new special and league adboards
- fixed konami bug with ML formation save
- revised stats
- fixed extra cpk files (9-16)
- general enhancements

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.3.3: (details)
- includes update 9.3.1 and 9.3.2
- fixed trophies system
- added new clubs and teams
- removed fake players
- fixed krasondar save bug
- added and fixed a lot of faces
- update a lot of kits
- added a lot of new players
- added 4 more extra cpk slots
- added new sleeve badges (G-Style)
- updated transfers
- update AFCON teams
- fixed stadium names in ML and BAL
- a lot of other fixes

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.3.2: (details)
- fixed bug players (edit file/database)
- fixed sarajevo and nepal (edit file)
- fixed transfers and squads (edit file)
- fixed save bug tachera/penarol (database)
- fixed youth team system (edit file/database)
- added faces (database)
- added cpy exe 1.04 (executable)
- Added real faces for referees (database)
- updated some kits (database)
- fixed ad-boards of inter, milan and napoli (database)
- various fixes and enhancements

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.3.1: (details)
- fixed bug with some of the newly added teams
- fixed napoli ad-boards bug
- added/updated some kits
- fixed crash with African cup of nations
- fixed j-league squads
- added j-league stadium names
- fixed black turf with san siro
- fixed players not showing dlc faces
- fixed EPL troophy
- fixed reported missing transfers
- fixed teams radar color
- added 31 new faces.
- a lot of other minor fixes

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.3: (details)
add DLC3
add exe 1.03 for cpy (optional)
add new clubs
add new national teams
add new real faces
add King Power Stadium
add switcher to deactivate patch
(for online play steam only)
add 4 more extra empty cpk slots/
live update applied 7.feb
update j-league new season
update brasiliaro new season
update winter transfers
update kits
update managers
update league logos
update teams logos
fix stadium names in ML
fix team colors
fix youth players
new ballpack
new HD turfs
various fixes

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.2.2:
- included fix for CPY ML and BL crash
(if your save is crashed start ML without modifying the patch)
- corrected bugged players
- corrected fake names in nationals
- corrected CL teams
- corrected french league balls
- added +425 more real faces
- updated more kits
- corrected squads for Brasileiro teams
- replaced more than 1000 fake players
- completed asian teams squads
- completed MLS teams squads
- added 20 teams to south america
- corrected default turf lines
(get the new switcher v.922)
- corrected missing adboards
- stadiums enhancements
- Al Ahli sc replace pleasure horn (hidden)
- a lot of updates and fixes

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.2.1:
- Fixed master league bug
(new ML required)
- Enhanced some turfs
- Fixed missing adboards
- Fixed CPY compatibility with DLC2
- Fixed missed-up copa libertadores
- Fixed loading bug
- Added barcalona classics team
- Other fixes
- Other updates

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.2:
- Included DLC 2
- Applied latest live update
- reworked ML and BL modes
- rework all stadiums
- new HD turfs
- enhanced turf colors
- enhanced turf lines
- new default turf available in new switcher
- activated SMoKE adboards and billboards
- new HD skies
- full bundesliga squads (18 teams)
- full other Europe squads (40 teams)
- added a lot of new players
- removed a lot of fake players
- updated balls
- updated boots
- fixed bug when selecting boots
- added missing nationality flags
- added 100 new gloves
- a lot of fixes and enhancements

PES 2017 SMoKE update 9.1.1:
- correct coaches for all major leagues
- correct stadiums for all major leagues
- correct rivalries for all major leagues
- corrected national teams fake squads
- added more real faces
- added real faces for classic players
- reworked online switcher
- fixed Santiago Bernabeu winter white turf
- fixed bugged balls
- optimized stadium turfs (better FPS)
- updated scoreboard
- fixed some bugged players
- fixed potential crash at ML
- Rostov replace PAOK double team
- ready for SMoKE addons 2017

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.1:
- first full release

PES 2017 SMoKE Patch 9.0:
- light release (starter).


PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.5.3:
- updated more kits
- added faces
- various fixes

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.5.2:
- full league revision
- add/update faces (135)
- FK Rostov replace Metalist Kharkiv
- updated some flags
- updated coaches
- various fixes

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.5.1:
- fixed signal idunna stadium pitch
- fixed bugged classic faces
- added/updated 50 faces
- updated more transfers (30.july)
- updated more kits
- other updates and fixes

PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 8.5:
- added 12 new national teams
(Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, San Marino, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Canada, Trinidad And Tobago, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Singapore)
- created 20 new promoted teams
(Barnsley, Burton, Wigan, Amiens, Orléans, Strasbourg, Benevento, Cittadella, Pisa, Spal, Go Ahead Eagles, Sparta Rotterdam, Chaves, Feirense, Freiburg, Rb Leipzig, Cádiz, Sevilla Atlético, Murcia, Reus Deportiu)
- updated leagues 16/17
- updated some balls 16/17
- updated some kits 16/17
- updated boots
- updated emblems
- update coaches
- update some stats
- added +2000 new players
- more features for online mode
- added more faces
- updated major transfers
- real faces for classic players
- enhanced ML mode
- fixed some teams stadium names
- fixed missing nationality flags
- other fixes and enhancements

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.3.4:
- fixed stadiums
- fixed copa america
- fixed (offline) exe 1.05
- added 10 new National Teams:
(Palestine, Philippines, Vietnam, Angola, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Armenia, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Malta)
- add new faces
- fixed bugged players
- other fixes and enhancements

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.3.3:
- includes 8.3.2 and 8.3.1
- added new DLC 4.00
- added new exe 1.05
- added 15 National Teams: (playable in FL)
(Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Cape Verde, Congo, Congo Dr, Gabon, Malaysia, Indonesia, Haiti)
- add new faces
- other fixes and enhancements

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.3.2:
- updated EURO 2016 squads
- added new ball (Copa América 2016)
- added 60 new faces
- fixed Online mode switcher
- fixed home stadium names
- fixed bugged players
- fixed Brescia kits
- relinked more boots
- correct kits for promoted Argentine teams
- added special adboards for russian clubs
- other fixes and enhancements

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.3.1:
- relinked boots
- fixed gloves (100 gloves)
- fixed loading bug (Exhibition)
- added 260 new faces
- fixed some missing transfers
- revised some players stats
- other minor fixes

PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 8.3:
- new edit file (based on dlc 3.0)
- new system files
- reworked kits
- reworked stadium turfs
- reworked stadiums
- added etihad stadium
- added new adboards (bundle in patch)
- aligned players ID with DLC 3.0
- licensed all clubs and teams
- updated boots
- added 8 new teams:
(PFC Ludogorets Razgrad, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, FC Viktoria Plzeň, FC Metalist Kharkiv, Standard Liège, BSC Young Boys, FC København, Custom Free Team)
- added new faces
- revised players stats
- revised coaches (managers)
- fixed v8.2.2 bugs
- other enhancements

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.2.2:
- included konami DLC 3.0
- included exe 1.04
- fixed online errors
- revised players stats (SRS)
- revised teams formations and tactics
- added more youth players
- added more faces (500)
- corrected missing transfers
- corrected players attributes
- check and replace any duplicates
- in match graphic enhancements
- reworked stadium turf textures
- updated coaches
- added more extra cpk
- updated EURO kits
- FL various enhancements

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.2.1:
- include 1.03.02 (1.6)
- optimize kits
- add/update faces
- correct missing transfers
- update some emblems
- fix bugged players
- fix online issue
- a lot of small enhancements

PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 8.2:
- winter 2016 transfers included
- konami patch (1.03.01) (1.03 offline)
- rework all patch system files
- rework option file from scratch
- rework stadiums
- rework stadiums turfs (remove grain)
- rework kits
- review faces (restore original konami)
- added a lot of new faces
- review teams squads
- optimize files (small size with high quality)
- remove duplicated players
- remove fake players
- added a lot of youth players
- updated team managers
- all teams have correct icon kit color
- scoreboard selector bundled

PES 2016 SMoKE update 8.1c:
- includes konami DLC 2.0
- includes exe 1.03
- online enabled (steam required)- correct rosters for all other Euro teams
- correct rosters for all other Asia teams
- correct rosters for MLS teams
- correct rosters for J-League teams- corrected all transfers
- Virtus entella replaces Teramo Calcio
- added more faces
- replaced low quality faces
- added correct kits for all teams
- reworked national teams kits
- fixed international teams coach pictures.
- fixed scoreboard (like beta)
- new HD gloves
- updated boots
- Alternative stadium turfs, full adboards and other commentary languages are available at SMoKE addons page.

PES 2016 SMoKE Patch 8.0:
- First release.


 PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.3:
- updated leagues for season 15/16 (promotion and relegation)
- updated teams squad (summer transfer)- updated club kits
- revised player stats
- includes all previous updates

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.9:
- updated winter transfers
- includes the fix for 5.2.8

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.8:
- updated some kits
- updated some faces
- added new faces (2500 new face)
- added new missing players
- updated brazilian teams
- updated south america teams
- includes all previous updates

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.7:
- updated leagues for season 14/15
(promotion and relegation)
- created 13 new teams in 2D leagues
- updated teams squad
(summer transfer)
- teams updated: 280
- player updated: +8000
- updated most teams kits
- updated leagues balls
- revised player stats
- includes all previous updates

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.6:
- updated world cup teams squad selection
- updated world cup teams kits
- updated world cup ball
- includes all previous updates

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.4:
- updated transfers
- includes previous updates
- updated balls
- added new faces
- updated more kits
- added new players
- revised team squads
- revised starting 11
- revised players stats

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.3:
- updated leagues for new season
(promotion and relegation)
- includes updates 5.2.1+5.2.2
- updated transfers (up to 09.August)
- revised a lot of player stats
- added new faces
- updated a lot of kits for new season
- added 7 new teams:
Spain U21, Italy U21, Germany U21, England U21, France U21, Netherlands U21, Portugal U21)
- fixed teams in the updated copa libertadores
- updated some national teams squads
- updated flags
- some other tweaks

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.2:
- added new konami DLC 6.00
- includes update 5.2.1
- reworked leagues system files
- revised player stats
- added/updated faces
- fixed some kits

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.2.1:
- enhanced boots
- fixed double Boca Juniors in south america option
- added new faces
- included compatibility with smoke music packs
- fixed VVV-Venlo away kits
- fixed Wisla Kraków away kits
- updated Getafe kits
- added new exe 1.04
- added new DLC 5.00
- updated kitserver files

PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.2 (Full):
- added a lot of faces (+500 mb)
- south america optional league have 30 teams
- updated/enhanced kits
- revised all leagues balls
- updated boots
- auto fix for directX errors
- revised clubs strategies and tactics
- more accurate emirates stadium
- chants will be separated installation (add-on)
- new HD turf for stadiums (add-on)
- added (Steaua Bucuresti) Romanian league leaders
- fixed sponsors names for all languages
- updated kitserver files
- general enhancements

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.1.6:
- added new DLC 4.0
- option to install konami exe 1.02 or 1.03
- added south america teams league option in 2D league installer
south america optional teams:
(boca juniors, godoy cruz, lanus, velez sarsfield, bolivar, the strongest,
union espanola, u. catolica, u. de chile, atl. nacional, junior, onse caldas,
emelec, river plate, sd quito, chivas, cruz azul, tigres)
- added new teams
(Togo, Philippines, Bahrain, Georgia, Belarus,
Burkina Faso, Singapore, SMoKE All Stars)
- revised all leagues
- revised all transfers
- added new faces
- added a lot of new players
- revised some players shirt name and number
- fixed some kits
- assigned new goal celebrations (gangam style, ...)
- fixed some errors (users reports)
- 2D leagues have correct (generic) chants
- a lot of small enhancements

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.1.5:
- added latest konami exe 1.03
- completed winter transfers
- fixed some mixed up kits
- added Eerste Divisie in 2D installer
- added Hajduk Split club
- added India national team
- added Cape Verde national team
- added a lot of new players
- added new faces
- added new ball: Adidas Katlego CAF 2013
- added new ball: Adidas Cafusa
- updated all boots
- new style national flags by ali.chila
- some minor tweaks

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.1.4:
- corrected some in-game editor stadiums
- fixed some bundesliga kits
- fixed stadium banners
- fixed training kits
- revised player stats
- some enhancements
- updated some squads
- added new faces
- updated major winter transfers (6.jan.2013)

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.1.3:
- added 2 in-game editor stadiums
(Imtech Arena, Volkswagen Arena)
- enhanced in-game editor stadiums
- added new konami DLC 3.0
- added 9 new national teams:
(Albania, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Macedonia,Classic Spain,
Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan,Palestine)- added 7 new clubs:
(Red Star, Partizan, Aris, Viktoria Plzeň,
Trabzonspor, Standard De Liège, Genk)
- updated and fixed kits and collars
- revised player stats
- added more faces
- reworked all patch system files
- all new reworked edit.bin
- some enhancements

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.1.2:
- updated and fixed kits
- revised some player stats
- added and fixed some faces
- fixed crash when selecting (lebanon)
- updated emblems (NAC breda, cardiff city)
- added and updated all boots
- better compatibility with saves before smoke patch

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.1.1:
- fixed some kits
- added 4 new clubs
(FC BATE Borisov, FC Basel 1893,
BSC Young Boys, FC Rubin Kazan)
- revised some player stats
- fixed radar color for 2.nd bundesliga
- real names for all south american clubs
- fixed some faces
- full squads available for french 2D ligue 2
- fixed crash when selecting (oman)

PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.1.0 (Full):
- includes all updates and fixes for smoke patch
- reworked and updated files (faces, kits, ...)
- updated new Lille flag
- added real faces for classic players
- added SMoKE patch scoreboard installer
- reworked chants relink
- added 2 balls (Pyro Liguilla-Teleton, Maxim Hi-vis)
- updated kitserver files (
- added real keeper gloves (Nike grip 3)
- fixed crash when selecting (South Korea)

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.0.2:
- added HD turfs for all stadiums
- added SMoKE GDB folder for all teams
- complete Serie B in 2D installer
- added kits for french ligue 2 in 2D installer
- updated boots
- updated kitserver files
- correct radar color for all teams
- updated kits
- updated and added new faces
- fixed various bugs

PES 2013 SMoKE update 5.0.1:
- fixed crashes with some national teams.
- fixed some faces
- complete 2. bundesliga in 2D installer
- complete liga adelante in 2D installer
- included full kits for Serie b in 2D installer (squad no yet)
- corrected balls links
- added online compatibility (shortcut on desktop)
(must have original game)
- fixed crashes with konami cup and editing leagues
(balls total number had to be reduced)
- some small updates and tweaks

PES 2013 SMoKE Patch 5.0 Blue (Full):
- First release.


PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.8.1 BLACK (Update):
- Fully updated team squads and starting II for
(EPL, Ligue1, SerieA, La liga)
others leagues will be included next update- added a lot of new players
- updated some players stats
- updated some kits
- fixed some stadiums
- fixed some faces

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7.5 BLACK (Update):
- fixed (pescara) not showing in serie A
- updated nike balls.
- updated more faces
- updated more kits- fixed some emblems in some 2D leagues- fixed some squads in some 2D leagues
- fixed Troyes AC dummy squad in some 2D leagues
- updated most summer transfers.
- added new team (EURO 2012 team of the tournament)
- some other fixes

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7.4 BLACK (Update):
- corrected some EURO squads (lampard, ...)
- updated leagues (promotions - relegation)
- updated a lot of summer transfers
- added (Universidad de Chile)
- updated some faces
- updated some kits
- updated boots
- fixed some bugs

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7.3 BLACK (Full and Update):
- updated national team squads for EURO 2012
- updated national team kits for EURO 2012
- fixed some faces
- fixed/updated some kits
- added new teams for libertadores 2012
- fixed installer (cannot copy file) in some systems
- fixed Anfield Stadium
- some minor fixes

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7.2 BLACK (Update):
- fixed Malaysia and Chelsea kits
- fixed Philippine team not showing in ASIA.
- fixed some faces.
- fixed save crash.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.7 BLACK(full):

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.6.1 GOLD (Update):
- added some new players.
- added/updated more faces.
- updated some kits.
- fixed boots names.
- corrected some team squads.
- corrected Milan stadium colors in some 2D options.
- fixed (Polanski) face
- corrected some national teams FIFA code.
- optimized 2D installer.
- Multi language better support
- fixed (la liga) ball.
- All 2D teams have correct stadium names.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.6.0 GOLD (Full):
- added konami DLC 3.0
- added more faces.
- added new stadium adboards.
- added new HD turfs for stadiums.
- added some players.
- fixed some kits.
- fixed some faces.
- updated boots.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.2 GOLD (Update):
- added more than 500 new faces.
- updated a lot of kits.
- complete Eerste Divisie in 2D installer.
- updated boots.
- updated kitserver files to 12.2.2
- some other fixes.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.1 GOLD (Update):
- updated winter transfer.
- updated/added/fixed faces.
- updated/fixed kits.
- created Southampton in nPower 2D.
- added real referee faces.
- updated balls.
- some other fixes.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.5.0 GOLD (Full):
- included konami DLC 2.0
- updated balls.
- updated/added faces.
- new style 3D HD emblems (Genko06) for most clubs.
- fixed flamingo name in all languages.
- a lot of small fixes and tweaks.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.4.3 GOLD (Update only):
- Optimized team names for non english languages.
- Included FULL Liga orangina in 2D installer.
- updated/fixed some kits.
- updated/fixed some faces.
- updated kitserver files.
- fixed crystal palace emblem in nPower.
- updated some winter transfers.
- updated boots.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.4.2 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed Lille CL kits.
- fixed some teams crash.
- fixed malaga away kits.
- updated some kits.
- added more faces.
- updated some national flags.
- added new sponsors logo (Karom)

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.4.1 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed 5 CL team kits.
- fixed crash caused by panama missing kits.
- fixed wales kits.
- corrected ajax kits.
- fixed Eerste Divisie emblems.
- fixed crashes caused by using incompatible slots.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.4 GOLD (Full):
- included konami update files 1.03
- fixed all champions league kits.
- updated/added a lot of kits.
- updated/added a lot of faces.
- added new teams: (flamengo)
- updated kitserver (added faceserver)
- tweaked 2D ligue 2 kits.
- removed (dummy) players from 2D ligue 2.
- updated some transfers.
- improved 2D serie B team squads.
- 2D teams kits in GDB folder instead of .bin
- re-linked kits for more stability.
- installer compatible with all windows languages.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.2.4 GOLD (Update only):
- canceled

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.2.3 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed maninger crash in all 2D options.
- fixed kitserver (mix-up kits)
- fixed cote d'ivoire kits crash.
- fixed classic teams kits.
- fixed champions league kits (a couple will be fixed soon).
- tweaked 2D teams kits.
- fixed installer bug with non-English systems (error create file).

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.2.2 GOLD (Update only):
- completed french 2D teams and rosters in 2D installer.
- reconstruct league structure/removed all duplicated teams.
- fixed Uruguay flag.
- updated/fixed some kits.
- corrected most serie B squad attributes.
- added some missing players.
- fixed Eerste Divisie emblems.
- fixed some misspelled names.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.2.1 GOLD (Update only):
- fixed Chelsea kits.
- removed duplicated team in others.
- updated kitserver to 12.1.3
- updated EURO 2012 Ball.
- fixed 2D teams that made the game crash.
- fixed mix-up in the 2D installer.
- updated some kits.
- updated/added some faces.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.2 GOLD (Full):
- Fixed names of 2D teams in all languages.
- Added (Liga Orangina) in the 2D installer.
- Correct stadium names for all teams.
- Correct kits for 2D 4 leagues (NPower, Serie A, Bundeslig, liga adelente)
- Corrected a lot of wrong names.
- Reconstructed the patch files.
- Updated kitserver files to 12.1.1
- Added SMoKE full GDB folder.
- Removed added team chants due to volume difference.
- Added Dutch League Scoreboard to scoreboard installer.
- Updated some kits.
- Named bins in img folders.
- Added new faces
- Updated balls.
- Removed some duplicated players.
- Some minor tweaks.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.1.1 GOLD (Update only):
- Fixed some some faces.
- Added (Ligue 2 and Eerste Divisie) in the 2D installer.
- Updated some kits.
- Some other fixes.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.1 GOLD (Full and Update):
- Added konami exe 1.2.
- Updated kitserver files.
- Fixed 2D leagues flags.
- Added (Serie B) in the 2D installer.
- Added SMoKE national emblems.
- Added more libertadores teams in exhibition mode.
- Fixes (dummy) players.
- Fixed some kits.
- Fixed some stadiums (had some missing files).
- Some other fixes.

PES 2012 SMoKE Patch 4.0 GOLD (Full):
- First release.


PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.7.4 (update):
- Updated more players.
- Added more faces.
- Created more players.
- updated more kits.
- fixed the optional PES default scoreboard.
- a lot of fixes and tweaks.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.7.3 (update):
- Updated more teams.
- Updated more players.
- Added more faces.
- Created more players.
- Fixed kitserver files.
- removed double sao paulo team.
- updated more kits.
- fixed defected kits.
- fixed crashes caused by some teams.
- corrected some flag.
- a lot of fixes and tweaks.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.7 (full):
- Updated leagues for new season.
- Major players stats update.
- Updated kits.
- Added/updated a lot of new faces. (faceserver)
- All kits converted to GDB folder.
- 3 new SMoKE scoreboard colors.
- Updated national teams squads.
- Some tweaks and fixes.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.6.3 (update):
- Added special supporters banners for 26 clubs.
- Updated some players stats.
- Updated nPower teams kits.
- Updated some faces/kits.
- Some in-game graphical enhancements.
- Some minor tweaks and fixes

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.6.2 (update and full):
- Updated kits.
- Updated players.
- Updated faces/hair.
- Updated Boots.
- Updated Balls.
- Assigned Balls to leagues.
- Correct league sleeve badges on kits.
- 46 famous players have special goal chants.
- other leagues in 2D (addon 1.3) included.
- fixed minor errors.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.6.1 (update):
- Fixed wrong kits.
- Updated some kits.
- Updated some faces.
- Updated some transfers.
- Fixed minor issues.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.6 (full):
- automatic installation (setup.exe)
- new redone exe file improving gameplay and AI (patch exe version 1.5, konami version 1.03)
- previous exe 1.4 patch version is included as an option.
- compatible with previous SMoKE patch versions.
- all system files are redone for maximum stability.
- all stadiums are redone with highest quality and smooth play.
- new titanium special scoreboard
- new titanium special menu
- 4 versions to choose from: (standard version, standard PS3 controller version, minimal version and manual install)
- added new balls with correct names and previews (30 overall balls ingame)
- updated roster and team squads
- updated kits
- fixed captain arm chest.
- added faces (all face slots are used)
- a lot of small tweeks
- fixed some bugs.
- optimized graphics for low end systems.
- included the latest kitserver and lodmixer.
- auto fix all DirectX problems (auto install essential dll in correct places).
- auto remove konami updates.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.5.2 (Update):
- fixed chelsea new kits.
- added patch version and logo at main screen.
- better quality velodrom stadium (edit).
- added juventus arena.
- added special goal chants for 13 more players.
- update Partizan team squad.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.5.1 (Update):
- Corrected some teams rosters.
- fixed some kits numbers and fonts.
- updated some kits.
- added/updated faces.
- updated national teams rankings according to
- added new national teams (Iceland, Singapore, Burkina faso).

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.5 (Full):
- added new balls with correct previews.
- added new boots with correct previews.
- added new clubs:
(Steaua Bucureşti, Lech Poznan, CSKA Moscow, Aris Thessaloniki, FC Sheriff Tiraspol, LA Galaxy, Trabzonspor)
- added new National teams:
(Philippines, Estonia, Jamaica)
- Updated a lot of kits.
- added a lot new chants, updated some.
- fixed liverpool kits numbers.
- added new players.
- fixed some players wrong ages.
- added/update faces.
- added new features.
- Added special goal chants for 13 players.
- enhanced ML and BAL modes gameplay.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.4.2 (Update):
- Fixed/updated a lot of kits.
- added afield stadium.
- corrected some transfers and teams squads.
- correct intro scenes for stadiums.
- new correct preview pictures for all stadiums.
- added/updated some faces.
- added a new unlocked file for classics.
- fixed crash caused by player (pernia)
- a lot of small fixes.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.4.1 (Update):
- Added new teams: Malaysia, Santos FC, wisla krakow, legia warszawa.
- Fix ML save crash issue.
- Better quality Emirates stadium.
- Corrected some transfers.
- Added some missing players.
- Added/updated more faces.
- Fixed balls preview.
- Fixed some missed up kits.
- National teams sorted alphabetically.
- Reset game stats in the OPTION.bin file.
- Other tweaks and fixes.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.4 (Full):
- Finished winter transfers.
- Added/updated more faces.
- Added 26 more stadiums.
- Added new ball pack.
- Added new boots pack.
- Added more than 500 new players.
- Added More clubs:
Bursaspor, Hapoel TA, MSK Zilina, FK Partizan, KAA Gent, FC BATE Borisov, Hajduk Split.
- Added More national teams:
Latvia, India, Macedonia, Belarus, Albania, Georgia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Malta, Palestine, Indonesia.
- Fixed some players age and personal data.
- Fixed bug with 4 teams showing same squad and formation.
- Included a new 1.3 exe file (old saves will not work).
- All SMoKE music packs (vol. 1, 2, 3) included.
- Modified stats for a lot of players.
- A lot of small fixes and tweaks.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.3 (canceled):
- Finished winter transfers.
- Added/updated more faces.
- Added 10 more stadiums.
- some small fixes and updates.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.2 (update):
- Updated winter transfers.
- Updated kits.
- Added more faces.
- some small fixes.
- Updated kitserver files.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.1 (update):
- Created more players.
- Added more kits (all teams have correct kits)
- Removed fake team in national teams.
- Fixed/updated some kits.
- Added more faces.
- Updated some national teams.
- some small fixes.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.0.5 (update):
- Removed some duplicated players.
- Finished all transfers (added lots of new players)
- All teams have correct kits.
- Copa libertadores teams are unlocked.
- some small fixes.

PES 2011 SMoKE Patch 3.0 (Full):
- First release.


PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6.3 (update):
– Fixed/updated some faces.
– Better quality emblems.
– Some in-game tweaks

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6.2 (update):
– Fixed player (German) caused QPR to crash when using this player.
– Updated kits (PAOK, South Korea, Cesena).
– Corrected some transfers.
– Updated teams (seattle sounders, LA Galaxy, …)
– Updated some faces.
– Some graphic tweaks.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6.1 (update):
– Fixed (Rapid Wien) not available in edit or exhibition mode.
– Updated more teams, including players stats and age and adding new players.
– Fixed Pantelic call name.
– Updated some kits
– Added/Updated some faces.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.6 (Full and update):
- Reconstructed the patch system files to solve a lot of problems.
- Fixed the In-game editor, all teams are fully editable.
- Fixed bug causing game crash when registering a player to some teams.
- Updated transfers/added a lot of players.
- Fixed some players.
- Updated more kits.
- Updated more teams.
- Added new Faces.
- Revised Stats, price and age for many players.
- Fixed other important issues.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5.1 (update):
- Updated transfers/added a lot of players.
- Fixed some players hair.
- Added/fixed call names.
- Added new chants (Ajax, argentine, catania, PSV, england, fiorentina, genoa, germany, italy, lazio, italy, napoli, netherlands, roma, sampdoria, spain, udinese, barcelona, real madrid, chelsea, aston villa, everton, Man city).
- Updated some emblems.
- Updated more kits.
- Fixed red bulls Salzburg kits.
- Updated more teams.
- Added new Faces.
- Better quality national flags.
- New Boots Installed.
- Fixed bug with players changing to GK in ML mode (requires starting a new ML, BAL)
- Revised Stats, price and age for many players.
- Fixed scoreboard mixup in other languages.
- Added ability to edit emblems and names for all teams and clubs.
- Added extra files to give option of playing ML with other championship teams
(read the readme file included in -ML extra- folder)
- Small tweaks and fixes.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5.1 (update):
- Fixed Alvaro Pereira, made uruguay/porto crash.
- Replaced 2 europian players from super classic america team.
- Fixed bug with Tevez and sagna hair (other players too).
- Fixed 2 players faces in borussia dortmund.
- Fixed Lecce flag (was showing atlanta).
- Fixed/Added some faces. - Blackpool replaces Burnley in EPL.
- Updated more kits.
- Updated more teams.
- Added more call names.

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.5 (Full):
– added 2 teams: Super Classic America and Super Classic Europe
– added a lot of new players
– fixed commentary hang-ups and up-normality
– promoted teams replaces relegated in all leagues
– updated kits
– updated formations and startup 11
– higher quality surround SMoKE chants for 18 teams
– updated boots
– white numbers in scoreboard
– added a lot of missing call names (pato, bojan, fabregas, cannavaro, assulin, and many more)
– revised stats for some players
– updated world cup national teams starting 11 and formations with correct player numbers
– crash free version (not one crash so far)
– updated players personal data, age, wight, …
– updated some players price value
– updated transfers
– new Nike T90 Ascente balls
– updated kits

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.4.1 (update):
– Updated kits
– Updated some teams

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.4 (Full):
– Fixed/updated kits
– Corrected some players numbers
– Fixed some wrong player call names
– Fixed some players
– Fixed some crashes
– Updated some player stats
– Updated some transfers
– other small fixes

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.3.5 (Full and update):
– Added new game exe 1.5
– Fixed some kits
– Updated some kits (full version only)
– Fixed crash when choosing Lithuania, Red bull, Bate
– Fixed crash in ML mode when searching for player
– Fixed crash with training kits
– Fixed most errors with commentary
– Championship teams have Barclays sleeve badge (full version only)
– Fixed the in-game editor save

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.3.1 (update):
– Corrected some transfers.
– added missing GDB kits folder for ismaily, banik
– corrected GDB kits for Preston and Sheffield wednesday
– fixed etoile kits crash

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.3 (Full):
– Updated/corrected transfers
– Updated/corrected some faces
– Updated/corrected some kits
– Created missing kits for: Lovech, Fehervar
– New teams can be used in ML mode
– Removed double shakhar team from menu
– Fixed crashes when choosing some teams
– Fixed championship teams kits
– Fixed/added players call names
– Fixed (no string) Menus for French and spanish users
– Added special SMoKE chants for: Arsenal, Astonvilla, Everton, Fulham, Stock city, Portsmouth
– Added 3 National Teams: Macedonia, Palestine, Latvia
– Added 2 championship teams: Preston North End, Sheffield Wednesday
– Fixed wrong sleeve badge on kits
– New Special Scoreboard
– Some small fixes
– Optimized chants for better loading on low end PCs

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.2 (Full):
– Added New faces (all slots are used)
– Fixed the (no string) problem in menus
– Fixed some portuguese teams not shown inside the game
– Updated winter transfers
– Fixed some crashes when selecting some teams in exhibition mode

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.1 (Full):
– 16 Championship teams included by default
– Added Estudiantes de la plata
– Added Malta national team
– Fixed some teams having austria name and flag
– Fixed Master league Crash when loading
– Completed winter transfers
– Updated some national teams squads
– Updated some kits
– Added more faces

PES 2010 SMoKE Patch 2.0 (Full):
– first release


PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.8 (full):
- Updated transfers
- Updated faces
- Updated kits

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.7.6 (update):
- Updated transfers (10.march.2010)

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.7.5 (full):
- finished transfers.
- fixed the kits links.
- updated some kits.
- new old trafford stadium.
- added burnley new emblem.
- added lega calcio new league emblem.
- added new chants for (Manchester United, Inter milan, Juventus, AC Milan, Celtic)
- optimized chants files for faster audio loading.
- corrected some errors in stats.
- corrected some radar colors.
- fixed Brondby kits shirt font.
- some minor fixes.
- included Eredivisie and Championship extensions.

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.7 (full):
- Updated transfers (lots of new players created)
- Redone a new option file from scratch.
- Redone all players in clubs
- Fixed the 2pts market value for some players in ML and BAL modes.
- Fixed classic players appearing in ML and BAL modes even if not selected.
- Updated Faces
- Some tweaks and fixes
- A lot of kits updates
- Created new teams for CL (FC Zürich, Rubin Kazan, Unirea Urziceni, APOEL, Debreczyn, Maccabi haifa)
- Added special chants for 3 teams (Blackburn, Stock city, Wigan Athletic)
- Added 2 new optional replay logos (for exhebition mode).
- Added 6 new optional scoreboards.

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.6.1 (update):
- Updated transfers.
- Fixed a lot of crashes.
- Replaced some duplicated players.
- Fixed bundesliga menu flag in league mode.
- D1 cup instead of FA cup in ML and BAL modes.
- Corrected some other in-ML competition names.
- Fixed Banners link file (unnamed_9.bin).
- Faster game loading.
- Fixed some players states.
- Fixed defected noise in one of bayern chants.
- Added new faces.
- Added Optional flags for national teams (replaces emblems)

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.6 (full):
- Replaced classic teams with (Albania, Georgia, Montenegro, Togo, Algeria, Super Classic Europe, Super Classic America)
- Promoted teams replaced Relegated ones.
- Fixed Wrong replay logos.
- Fixed boots preview.
- Updated faces, formations, kits.
- Added 400 various players from all over the world.
- Trainers are famous classic players like (Guardiola, Maradona, Van bastin, ...)
- Uniformed style for all emblems.
- New banners (re-linked and updated).
- Added 20 Chants (High quality and well integrated with the general atmosphere).
- Revised and updated player stats.
- More variable growth types for new comers players (BAL and ML)
- Overall enhanced game experience (BAL and ML)
- New glass scoreboard.
- Nike Total 90 Omni EPL ball is back.
- Corrected some teams radar colors.
- Added Optional Championship Extension.
- All latest transfers (20 June 2009)
- Included scoreboard fix (if its showing white instead)

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.5.1 (update):
- Fixed crash caused when playing against/with Athletic Bilbao, Angola.
- Updated some faces.
- Fixed some player names.
- Fixed Colombia home kit.

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.5 (full):
- Included the NOCD exe
- Multi language Support (English, Spanish, Germany, Portugues, French, italian)
- Frensh league replaces championship.
- some of championship teams moved to others.
- New teams with kits (Sao paulo, Flamengo, Standard de liege, Zamalek, Al Ahly, CSKA Moscow, Cruzeiro, Copenhagen, Etoile Sportive, Espérance de Tunis, Club Africain, Lech Poznan, Penarol, Crvena, Partizan, Rosenborg, Liga de Quito, Colo colo, Wisla Krakow, Legia Warszawa, LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders, Al Ittihad Jeddah, Al Hilal Riyadh, Brondby IF, PAOK FC, Estudiantes LP, CA Independiente, Raja Casablanca, Wydad Casablanca, Aberdeen FC, FC Seoul)
- New stadiums (NAMED BINS in cv09.img)
- New faces (All Face Slots are used).
- Updated faces and kits.
- New Boots
- Lots of new players.
- New replay logos (SMoKE Patch Replay only in exhibition mode).
- New Scoreboard.
- Fixed Everton and manCity Goalkeepers kits bug
- Minor fixes (player rating, coverage on the field was all white, ...)

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.4 (full):
- Created 140 missing players.
- Created 15 new players, (pocheco, nemeth, botia, nolito, ...)
- a lot of forgotten transfers.
- Added 150 new faces.
- Updated kits.
- Corrected some national team player names, (morocco, iraq, venezuela, ...)
- Added new ball, (Adidas Europass Eurocopa)
- Fixed cameroon kits. (was transparent)
- Corrected teams player number.
- Updated formations and starting IX (based on last 10 to 15 matches played)
- Some minor fixes. (ZN in place of AMF, ...)

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.3 (not released):
- fixed stadium bug, (caused by some kinds of graphic cards)
- Added team (Real Zaragoza).

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.2 (full):
- added more than 300 new faces.
- fixed the balls names and preview balls.
- fixed in game ball curser (replaced the original with a nice small circle curser).
- updated kits.
- fixed faces links
- Real names for hidden players
- created missing players
- fixed some things you may not notice

PES 2009 SMoKE Patch 1.1 (not released):
- optimized some graphics so the game can load faster for low end PCs
- fixed BAL mode possible crash when playing international games.