PES 2013: Languages and commentaries

pes commentaries

SmokePatch13 in-game commentary
(extract and copy the files in the game DATA folder)

it is possible to add other languages to the game, the languages includes commentary and all could be added, to switch between them go to game settings and change the language to your preferred one.

please note that we do not make the actual commentary, all files are genuine konami files.

English commentary

Spanish commentary

Italian commentary

French commentary

Germany commentary

Portuguese commentary

Greek commentary

Japanese commentary

SMoKE Game Text Languages: (Optional)

* the in-game text languages you have depends on the PES you installed, some versions might not have your preferred language, download and install this multi language support for PES 2013 and you will have this languages available:

- English
- French
- Dutch
- Italian
- Spanish
- Russian
- Swedish
- German
- Portuguese
- Portuguese (Brazil)
- Turkish
- Arabic

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