Alternative Game Music Theme

smoke zikaddon

the in-game music is usually great, gives the game more enthusiasm, however for most of the football gamers that spend a lot of time playing, the music can get a little bit boring, we made alternative game music theme to keep the game fresh, the music is all in high quality, the music style is different, each similar to the poster.

Extract and copy (smk_addmusic.cpk) inside the game download folder (replace file)

to restore the original game music copy THIS file in the download folder of the game.

This does NOT include any video movie or files

electronic punk
Theme Style: electronic punk

Punk Trip Hop Alternative rock
Theme Style: Punk Trip Hop Alternative rock

guardians different genres
Theme Style: guardians different genres

EVIL industrial metal, electronic
Theme Style: EVIL industrial metal, electronic

Bell different styles
Theme Style: Bell different styles


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