Introduction to SmokePatch

hello and welcome

smokepatch is a mod made for pro evolution soccer game series for PC, created by fans of this game and made available for free to our fans all over the world, everything this patch offers is made exclusively and with the highest possible quality.

smokepatch is built and tested on the original game (does not include the game itself), we perform extensive tests to ensure that the patch never has any crash in any of the modes in all SP versions.

every release has its own information and description, we invite you to read carefully before using to have all the needed info and install instructions and notes to avoid problems.

The main features of smokepatch are:
* features vary depending on the game version

- add many more teams and players
- remove duplicated teams
- remove duplicated players (except some special cases)
- real formation picture for players
- correct and updated squads
- add more master league managers (pes21, pes20)
- compatible with the newest game version
- include all needed DLC files
- remove all fake players (except some special cases)
- all teams and competitions have a real logo
- all teams have real kits (updated constantly to be as recent as we can)
- all teams have real stadium name and rivalries
- fake leagues replaced with real-life leagues
- add more real balls for most leagues
- add more real boots and gloves
- all players have the correct original ID
- uses original game-play as made by the latest game version.
- add other various features to enhance the game

many other optional additions can be installed separately from the addons menu

Built for offline modes:
we build the patch for offline modes, (master league, be a legend, cups, leagues, custom leagues, ...), we do not recommend playing online or myclub online using smokepatch, the patch includes a switcher that can be used to deactivate/activate the patch and revert to the original game for online play, all original DLC files must be present in the download folder for online.

we have detached the patch from online compatibility a long time ago so we can be free to explore the full potential of the game, that is how we can add a huge number of teams and players and other features that make the game as exciting as possible.

every version has its own easy instructions, be sure to read and follow carefully for correct installation, you can uninstall the patch from the control panel like any other program. see install tutorial

Customization (game editor):
every version comes with a new updated and compatible edit file (option file), it is very important to use the latest edit file, if there are edit and changes that were made by the user in the game editor, it is possible to export them then after installing the new update edit file import and save. see tutorial

Customization (sider/cpk files)
smokepatch have many optional add-ons that can be added separately to the patch, all the addons from the smokepatch website are tested for full compatibility with the latest game version, using other addons from other makers is at your own risk. read about dpfilelist

Problems and issues
we always work to enhance, add and update features in smokepatch, we only accept reports from users who are using smokepatch and addons only, changing the patch can cause problems that we cannot help with, as over 95% of reports are the results of adding incompatible mods or changing the patch files other than our instructions, see frequently asked questions

Live games
we divide priorities depending on the game age and users, the number of users is calculated based on sponsored links downloads and website analytics, currently, the live versions can be found in the STATUS page.

older games patch are always available to use but no more updates or support, We may stop supporting any version anytime when its deemed retired.