Announcement - working on a BIG new patch 9.4 AIO

We are working on a new patch 9.4 which will have a lot of new teams and leagues, and a lot of updates and enhancements, this patch is a full (all in one) version that will include update stadium pack, balls and boots.

Smoke Scoreboards V2

Scoreboard switcher V2 have updated scoreboards and included new ones, choose which one you flavor and apply, please note that the scoreboard switcher cannot be changed while the game is running, the new switcher is compatible with patch version 9.3 and up.

Smoke Stadiums V2

the new stadiums pack is now released, fully compatible with the latest smoke patch V9.3.3, some teams might need to reassign to correct stadiums due to stadiums ID changes in the database.

9.3.3 Compatibility fix for STEAM version

recently a new exe patch (1.04.01) has been made by konami for steam version, this new version will have issues in editing mode of the game, this small fix will make the latest version 9.3.3 compatible with this new konami patch.

please note that this affect STEAM users only.

Liga MX and CSL compatibility fix for version 9.3.3

the MX and CSL leagues addons made for version 9.3.2 can now be used for version 9.3.3, a modified edit file is available for both leagues to be fully compatible with this version, no changes is made to the teams in both leagues just rendered compatible with the latest (and last) version for 9.3

Chants for smoke patch 2017

this is a chants pack created and made compatible with smoke patch 2017 by (Mauri_d - PES Editor), the chants are a great addition to the patch similar to smoke chants used in smoke patch for PES 2013.