PES 2018 Smoke patch X 10.1

smoke patch 10.1 release for pes 2018, in this version we included the latest DLC and we finished replacing fake kits with real ones, in every version we will keep adding things to the patch, this is ALL IN ONE version so no need for previous version, we will start making updates instead of full patch when the size becomes significantly high.

PES 2018 Smoke patch X

This is the first smoke patch release for pes 2018, it’s still missing some of the usual features we add in smoke patch series but it have the essential corrections the game needs, we will be releasing updates regularly so the fans can enjoy the enhancements and features of the patch and game.

Please see below more details

addon 2017 - fix for national teams kits for v9.5

in the latest version 9.5 there was a mix up in the kits files that affected some national teams and shows default kits instead of the patch kits, use this file to correct this error and restore the correct kits for these national teams.

Announcements: PES 2018 SMoKE Patch X

PES 2018 SMoKE Patch X (version 10.0) is underway, the initial assessment of the game is all good, worthy of good reviews in our opinion, the first version (10.0) will be minimal and small, and will be released fast, there is a lot of unresolved issues that is yet to be figured out, but the first version will correct the essentials, and will give the game the real touch it surly deserve to compensate for the lack of licences.

please see below the features and the unresolved issues and some of the plans for smoke patch X.