PES 2018 Smoke patch X13

smoke patch X13 (10.1.3) release for pes 2018, please read the patch information before downloading or installing smoke patch.

Announcement - master league crash in pes 2017

This issue always comes up specially with new users of smoke patch, in short, we test the patch for seven consucitive seasons without any crash at all, so we don’t find any problems to fix.

PES 2017 SMoKE Update 9.5.2

full patch 9.5 is needed, it is not necessary to install older updates except full patch 9.5.

update 9.5.2 for smoke patch 9.5 is released to fix a bug with some players when using lower quality settings, and a bug with flamengo and other enhancements.

Announcements - working on smoke patch 9.5.2 and 10.1.3

PES 2017 smoke update 9.5.2:

we are rebuilding the system files for the league switcher to make sure all options works perfectly in Master league, a reported potential crash when choosing african teams option, we will rebuild the system files and include in this update along with other updates and fixes.
low quality settings users reported a bug with liverpool and france teams where the players appear headless occasionally, this will be resolved in this editing.

PES 2018 smoke patch X.1.3:
in every edition we add more things to the patch, this version will include the chinese league instead of the fake league in asia, and also more clubs, national teams and other enhancements.