PES SMoKE Update 9.4.2 for 9.4

this update 9.4.2 is for smoke patch 9.4, this update can be installed over the version 9.4 or 9.4.1, so if you are updating from 9.4 then there is no need to install previous update 9.4.1, the big size of this update is due to the huge number of new real face added in this version, please read the details below for more information about this release.

Announcement - update 9.4.2 for 9.4 coming soon

the update 9.4.2 is at its final stages, and is expected to be released next week, this update works on version 9.4 or 9.4.1, the size of the 9.4.2 is big, almost 1.2 GB due to the big number of new real faces added (see details below), after this update we will be releasing smaller updates mainly to apply more transfers as they happen.

Announcement - African clubs option in switcher

we explained many times the reason why we didn't add any African clubs to the patch, the main reason is that there is no African league system in pes 2017, so there is no place to put African clubs in and it would be incorrect to add to another continent, also we did not consider adding leagues from Africa for the same reason and also because we don't find many downloads from African location, and we do follow our downloads location analytics.

PES SMoKE Update 9.4.1 for 9.4

this is the first update for the patch 9.4.1, this update is released earlier than it should to fix some issues with the 9.4, please read the changes and features below before you update the patch because there are still work to be done and will be finished in later updates.