Announcements: smoke stadium pack v2

a new stadium pack is being developed for smoke patch, will be released soon after the release of the update 9.3.3 by the end of this month (march), this stadium pack is fully compatible with version 9.3.3 and up, installing it on older versions will cause some errors like not showing all stadiums.

when installing the new update 9.3.3 there might be some wrong stadium assignments because its been done to fit with the new pack.

all notes and reports concerning some bugs with the stadiums will be addressed in this pack,

NOTE: master league season crash

we still get messages about a crash in master league when going to next season, this is not smoke patch issue, we have tested the patch for seven consecutive seasons without crashing once, so it is safe to say that it is not a patch issue, as we do not get any crash when testing.

Possible reasons for this issue: 

Liga MX addon for smoke patch 9.3.2

this is an add-on to smoke patch 2017, that will make the Mexican league available in the patch, replacing MLS (PLA) league.

MX add-on works best with smoke patch version 9.3.2, although it might work with older versions, it could make errors because this add-on includes its own EDIT file that is based on and fully compatible with version 9.3.2. a new updated MX league will be made for the next update.

Announcements - Working on smoke update 9.3.3

a new update 9.3.3 is under the way, along with other add-ons and new packs for the patch 9.3, this update as usual will include previous updates 9.3.2 and 9.3.1, meaning you can install this update over any of the versions starting with 9.3.

please note that this announcement data will be changed as we progress with the update, keep in touch for bug reporting and fix updates here.

PS3/X-Box controller buttons - add-on

ps3 xbox controller switcher

some of the users prefers play-station buttons in the game instead of the default xbox controller assigned to PC version, this add-on gives you the option to switch between both controllers.

SMoKE Ball Pack V2

this is a new updated smoke patch ball pack, fixed some issues with the previous pack that is bundled with the latest versions.

the bundesliga balls wasn't showing in the ball select option, same thing with the new tribute ball for chaponense team that konami made is now usable and showing correctly. a new assignment database files was created, fixing some issues, now the Brasileiro have their correct ball. some textures enhancements were made to the balls.

please note that the smoke gloves pack is bundled with the ball pack, although no changes were done with the gloves.