Announcements - Smoke patch 9.4 expected release date

the new patch 9.4 is at its final stage of development, the birth of this version was difficult because of the huge number of teams and players added, the patch will begin extensive testing of all aspects specially FL modes.

a change log will be detailed when the patch is released, there is a lot of changes that will not be mentioned because we simply did not log everything due to the huge number of things that has been done in a relatively short time.

Announcement - 9.4 progress

Major changes done so far:

- fixed konami bug with master league game plan
- added 90 new teams
- added a lot of new players
- update balls (balls v3)
- updated stadiums (stadiums v3)
- added a lot of new ad-boards
- all leagues have correct ad-boards
- all teams have correct manager
- correct stadium assignment
- added a lot of new faces
- fixed extra cpk files (9-16)
- fixed potential ML bug in English league
- fixed potential bug in world cup
- fixed potential bug with flamengo and fluminense
- updated a lot of teams

Announcement - new leagues and teams in patch v9.4

New Leagues:

This version will introduce the league switcher which will give you the option to replace any of the three fake konami leagues in the game with other options, the new leagues are the Russian Premier League, Turkish Süper Lig, Mexican Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Chinese Super league.

smoke MOD Pro by Delan Taqana - addon

this add-on made by (Delan Taqana) is an optional add-on that will change the effect in the stadium atmosphere, it is nicely made and changes the environment in the game.

please note that this is not made by smoke patch, it is compatible with smoke stadiums v2 and should work without any problems.

Announcement - working on a BIG new patch 9.4 AIO

We are working on a new patch 9.4 which will have a lot of new teams and leagues, and a lot of updates and enhancements, this patch is a full (all in one) version that will include update stadium pack, balls and boots.

Smoke Scoreboards V2

Scoreboard switcher V2 have updated scoreboards and included new ones, choose which one you flavor and apply, please note that the scoreboard switcher cannot be changed while the game is running, the new switcher is compatible with patch version 9.3 and up.